Yamaha SR 250 by XTR Pepo

Most professional bike builders fall back on reliable craftsmen when it comes to manufacturing certain parts. Building a bike from A to Z is nearly impossible so upholsterers and painters are frequently mentioned in bike descriptions while they mostly remain in the background. And sometimes, friendships arise from yearlong partnerships and mutual trust in each other’s abilities.


So when Pepo Rosell, owner of Spanish workshop XTR Pepo based in Madrid, was asked by his painter to transform his Yamaha SR 250, it was quite clear that this job had to become a matter for the boss. Pepo, whose bikes are generally inclined towards racing or endurance, accepted the challenge to turn the small, inexpensive Yamaha into something special.


But Pepo wanted to build something completely different compared to his other bikes. He had a Dirt Tracker in his mind, with a nice metal flake paint job inspired by vintage American bikes. But Pepo also wanted to give the simple Yamaha a more technical twist so he decided to change the rear suspension into a cantilever system, upgrade the brakes and reduce its weight.


Modifying and reinforcing the frame in order to fit an YSS mono shock was a lot harder than expected but in the end, along with the modified Ossa Gas tank and the handmade, HD XR 750 inspired seat, the decorous SR 250 became a real head turner.


A 18 inch front wheel with modified OEM fender, a Super Mario exhaust system coupled to a BMW S1000R muffler, Puig foot rests, Rizoma bars and a set of Gonelli grips complete the picture. Pepo drilled holes into the rear brake drum and fitted a NG brake disc, operated by a GSX-R 750 brake pump, to the front wheel.


Further, XTR manufactured mounts and brackets for number plates, headlight, rear light, indicators and the speedo were bolted to the Yamaha. The metal flake paint job was realized by ARTENRUTA and reflects the name given to the little bike.

After looking at the pictures of XTR Pepo’s Speedy, it seems obvious that Pepo Rosell appreciates the work of his painter. A bike like this should keep everybody happy.

Get more info HERE, on XTR Pepo’s website or HERE, on Pepo's Facebook page.