The days of hideous motorcycle gear are over. Today, the large choice of neat protective gear makes us forget silly jackets looking like a parrot’s plumage or awkward Highway-bla bla lettering. Sure, if you have a look at any retailer’s catalogue you’ll see that most of the stuff still looks like a carnival parade but there’s more and more good-looking gear you’d even wear off the bike on offer.

L.A. based brand VKTRE Moto Gear specializes in such gear and even goes the extra mile when it comes to a clean look. Their classic Bomber Motojacket is a textbook example for stylish understatement. The Steel Blue or Heather Grey color options look great although I’d like to see the bright original one after a long ride and the associated bug mess or a ride on an oil-dripping, greasy custom or vintage bike. Maybe it’s easy to clean; but I’d stick with the other colors.

The Draugr is another clean choice. It is designed to look exactly like the famous naval Peacoat and is just as highly durable. Very cool design, you definitely won’t see anything similar around the next corner. The V.MA1 Airborne is very sleek and stylish while the Greyfell is quite similar to the bomber but with a slightly different look.

Last but not least the Ranger Waxed; as the name suggests, this one is made from waxed sailcloth for toughness and is weather-proof. Genuine Sherpa-Wool on the collar as well as the inside cuffs has been added for the cold days. Every VKTRE Jacket is lined with abrasion-resistant 1000 D Cordura between the outer shell and the inner lining. Pockets for the armor are provided on the shoulders, the elbow as well as the back.

You can order yours on the VKTRE Moto Gear website, they ship their products worldwide. And if you happen to perform an unforeseen stunt with your bike and damage your jacket, VKTRE replaces it for half the original cost. Now that’s what I call fair, isn’t it?

Here are links to VKTRE Moto Gear’s WEBSITE or FACEBOOK page.