Two Hands Motorcycles

Everyone building his/her own custom motorcycle is aware of the problem: you want to build as much as possible by yourself and avoid falling back on widely used aftermarket parts. No one wants to be seen on a rolling index of any parts catalogs. Unfortunately, most of us are not Max Hazan or Go Takamine so we have to rely on small manufacturers to get quality parts that aren't bolted to every second bike in front of the local bar.


Faced with these problems the author of this article stumbled upon the small german workshop named Two Hands Motorcycles. Leon Ahlers, finding out while building his own bike that most of the aftermarket parts he laid his hands on didn't quite match his expectations, founded the company two years ago. Backed by a team of mechanical engineers Two Hands Motorcycles now offer a wide range of specific products for Yamaha's XS or SR, the Triumph range as well as a quickly growing section of universal fitting parts. So there should be something for everyone here.


The quality and finish of the parts is eye-catching but it's the selection of parts that tells us these are manufactured by someone with oil stained fingers, standing in front of his bike asking himself how he could improve this and that. In short: no useless bling-bling here, only thoughtful parts.


We suggest you take a closer look at Two Hands and their Onlineshop. Don't worry, Website and shop comes in english as well as german so you should be able to find and maybe purchase what you're looking for. And remember, this is a fine example of famous german engineering. Ja ja, Made in Germany! Not a bad label, be assured.


Yamaha_SR500_Gasgriff_Aluminium_Rändelung_1 Triumph_Bonneville_Scheinwerferhalter_Gebogen_2 Triumph_Bonneville_Tachohalter_Motoscope_Chronoclassic_2 Triumph_Bonneville_Blinkerhalter_Vorne_2 Triumph_Bonneville_Einspritzerdeckel_1