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They are notably intended to define the modalities for the provision of services of the Website, as well as its terms of use. Any access and / or use of the Website implies acceptance and respect of all the terms and Conditions.

Identification of the Website editor

The present Website is edited by the private person Steve Marquis, 31, rue de Fischbach, L-7447 Lintgen, Luxembourg (collectively, « We » or « Us »)

You can reach us at the following:
- By phone: (+352) 621 323202
- By email :

Access to the website

The Website is accessible free of charge to any User with an Internet access. All costs required to access the Website, whether material’s, software or Internet access, are the solely the User’s responsibility. The User is solely responsible for the proper functioning of its computing equipment and its Internet access.

Some features of the Website are reserved for Users who have created an account beforehand and who have correctly identified themselves with their user ID and password. We reserve the right to refuse access to the Website, unilaterally and without prior notice to any User, who does not respect these terms of use.

Personal data

With the exception of the data mentioned in point 3 below, we do not collect any personal data other than those you voluntarily enter via the forms dedicated to this purpose notably to get in touch with us or to take advantage of our services.

The personal data collected on the Website are exclusively processed by us to satisfy your requests in accordance with the amended law of August 2nd, 2002 on the protection of individuals with regard to personal data processing.

Your personal data are processed in a strictly confidential manner and kept for the period authorized by the applicable law. They will not be transferred to third parties except with the prior consent of the User.

In accordance with the amended law of August 2nd, 2002 on the protection of individuals with regard to personal data processing, you have a right to access the data concerning yourself, a rectification right, if necessary, and an opposition right to the collection of such data, subject to proof of compelling legitimate reasons.

Usage of cookies

The Website uses "cookies" and similar tools. "Cookies" are small text files left on your computer when you visit the Site. They collect information about your operating system, including your Internet Protocol (IP) address.

Some cookies are essential to enable you to benefit from all the features of the Website. If you block all cookies, you will no longer be able to access all of the Website’s sections. Other cookies are only used to facilitate your browsing on the Website, in particular by avoiding you having to re-enter your personal information. We do not use cookies to personally identify you.

You are allowed to refuse these cookies by configuring your Internet browser.

Limitation of responsibilities

We take all reasonable steps at our disposition to ensure access to the quality of the Website as well as the security of the data that you send through the Website, but assume no obligation of result in this regard.

We do not guarantee the continuous operating of the Website, which may be interrupted for maintenance reasons.

We can not be made accountable for any malfunctioning or failure of the network or servers or any other technical malfunctioning beyond our reasonable control that would prevent or alter the access to all or part of the Website, as well as force majeure as defined by the applicable regulations.

We particularly draw your attention to the limitations and constraints of the Internet network and the impossibility to guarantee the total security of data exchanges. It is your responsibility to take all necessary measures to protect you against unauthorized intrusions into your information system, in particular by securing your Internet connection with a password and a security code or by using antivirus software.

Furthermore, you are informed that the quality of the functioning of the Website and in particular of the response times are likely to vary according to the personal parameters of your connection station and of your Internet access service. We assume no responsibility in this regard.

Consequently, we can not under any circumstances be held liable, directly or indirectly, for the malfunctioning of the Website caused by one or more of the technical characteristics inherent in the Internet or the computing equipment or software used by you, and that for whatever reason.

In the same way, no malfunction of the Website can be reproached to us if such a malfunction results from a misuse of the Website by yourself, or from the inadequacy of the hardware and computer software that you use according to the technical specifications referred above.

Consequently, the use of the information and contents available on all or part of the Website does not in any case incur our responsibility, in any capacity whatsoever.

Intellectual properties

The entire Website, including its structure, arborescence, graphics, object or source codes and content (including texts, graphics, images, photographs, videos, information, logos, button icons, software, audio files And others, databases), is protected by intellectual property, and in particular by copyright and trademark.

We authorize you to access and use the Website and its content exclusively for personal purposes. Any professional or commercial use of this data is strictly prohibited.

We reserve all rights to the Website. Access to and use of the Website can not be considered as an assignment or license of our rights. Consequently, you are prohibited from using the Website for any purpose other than those referred to above, and in particular to reproduce or publicly represent, modify, extract or decompile all or part of the Website, including its structure, arborescence, graphics, object or source codes and content (including texts, graphics, images, videos, information, logos, button icons, software, audio and other files, databases), in the absence of our prior express consent.

Failure to do so may result in engaging your responsibility.

Hypertext links

The Website may contain hypertext links or references to other websites, including social networks owned by third parties. The Provider accepts no responsibility for the contents of these websites.
Any hypertext link to the Website requires our express prior consent.

Evidence and archiving of evidence

Computer data generated as a result of access to and / or use of the Website (including, among others, programs, connection data, files, records, transactions and other items on computer or electronic media) (the “Data”) may be preserved and archived, within the limit stipulated by the law, by us in our computing system, under conditions guaranteeing their integrity.

The Data shall be binding on you and us and shall be regarded as evidence of communications between you and us.

The Data constitute literal evidence within the meaning of Article 1341 of the Civil Code and have the same probative value as a document to be drawn up, received or kept in writing in paper form.

Consequently, the Data may be validly filed as evidence and be objected to in any claim or legal action with the same probative value as any document that is prepared, received or kept in writing in paper form, You expressly acknowledge.

We undertake not to contest the admissibility, enforceability or probative value of the Data due to its electronic nature. You agree to do the same.

You can access all the Data on simple request sent to us by simple mail or by e-mail.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions are governed by Luxembourgish laws. Subject to the applicable mandatory legal provisions, Luxemburgish courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear and determine any disputes relating to the interpretation, application and enforcement of these Terms and any litigation relating to the use of the Website.