Suzuki GN 400 by Hombrese Bikes

Luckily, there are many different types of motorcycles available on the market so anybody’s individual needs and preferences should be satisfied. No matter if you’re planning on crossing the desert, slide your kneepads on the tarmac, plough through some mud or make a show in front of your local bar; just head to your next dealer and they will happily sell you whatever bike suits you best. But there’s one thing most of the riders can agree to: it is a hell of a lot of fun to ride a nimble, light bike that is reduced to the essentials. No need for any power eruption, comfort or knobbly tires; a nice stretch of road and these bikes remind us why we ride in the first place.


Uwe Kostrewa from Hombrese Bikes builds exactly this kind of machines and looking at the pictures of this ’82 Suzuki GN 400 makes you want to jump on it and give it a go, doesn’t it?

Uwe disassembled the little thumper completely and sand-blasted everything that would survive this treatment. The engine, on the other hand, was glass-beaded and clear coated. After chopping the rear end and welding in a loop, the frame along with the rims and several other parts were powder coated.


A brown leather single-seat was manufactured in order to match the new proportions of the bike while the gas tank as well as the reworked rear fender received a ΄used-look΄ paintjob. The fork was painted black and shortened in order to lower the bike in combination with the new, shorter rear-shocks. Fat Continental tires were fitted to the black powder coated rims.


The single cylinder now breathes in freely through a K&N Racing filter while its exhaust fumes are evacuated through a Megaphone muffler matching the noise to the looks. Flat LSL-bars, a small speedo and tiny indicators add to the overall appearance of the bike.


Uwe’s Suzuki GN 400 is a textbook example of the type of motorcycles described at the beginning of this article. Most riders wear a broad grin on their face after test-riding such a bike and one can often hear the sentence: ΄damn, I should park a bike like this in my garage someday…΄. Initial skepticism towards output figures are brushed away and one is reminded that, with engines, it’s often the same as with other things in life: you don’t necessarily need a big one to be happy!

More information about Uwe Kostrewa’s other projects can be found here, on Hombrese Bikes’ website.