S&S Evo Chopper by Ride-Parts

I always tell people I love EVERY bike. No matter what brand, what style or displacement; if it has two wheels and an engine, I’m sold! I think, if you’re blinkered and stuck with a specific brand or type of motorcycle, you’re going to miss out on the best of motorcycling itself. I can’t count the times I found the most pleasure on vehicles I didn’t expect to like at all. So open-mindedness has always been my key to satisfaction and fun.

But this doesn’t mean that I myself don’t have personal favorites. And that leads me quickly to Old School Choppers. Narrow, simple, uncompromising riding machines are what make my heart go boom. But then again, when it comes to this type of bikes, I couldn’t care less if it comes with an American, Japanese, English or any other engine.

So when I went to Custombike Show in Germany a few weeks back, I have to admit I nearly peed myself after seeing this Wishbone-Evo by German workshop Ride-Parts. I admit, from now on this article might lose a bit of objectivity, but I honestly can’t remember many bikes that caused such a stir in my head (and maybe undies) as this one. And if you complain now that this story is getting a bit too personal, please let me remind you that this website is made by an enthusiast bursting with passion for bikes and passion often leaks objectivity.

Builder Juljan Iversen, mastermind at Ride Parts, built this piece of candy in only two months. Based on an 1996 S&S Evo in an 1999 Wishbone frame, it was meant to show the abilities of its builder but, as Juljan admits, it also reflects pretty neatly his own idea of a perfect ride. Now, if you ever laid hands on a bike, may it be to customize it or even to build one from scratch, you simply have to appreciate the quality and ingenuity that makes this build stand out. Hell, at the show I came back four times to find new details on the bike I might have missed the previous time. And be assured, there are many details to marvel about on this one such as the properly hidden wiring and cables, the tiny push buttons integrated into the lever mounts, the super clean, machined gear selector and brake pedal, hidden fender mounts, a clever King & Queen seat with invisible springs, that fabulous exhaust mount/ passenger footpeg/indicator combination (sadly not depicted on these pictures) and much, much more.

Usually, in a post like this, I now would start to list all the tech-specs of the build but honestly, this time I won’t because that would distract from the initial idea of this article: Just look at that thing! But nevertheless, let’s not forget the man who did the paint job; Danny Schramm from Schrammwerk who managed to underline the clean and tidy look with a perfectly matching paint.

Juljan’s workshop Ride Parts is located in Itzehoe near Hamburg. He’s specializing in building, customizing and servicing Harleys and other makes. And finally, in order to make my brain consider foolish ideas, he told me the bike is up for sale. So if you’re looking for a bit of a special present for a beloved one (this is aimed at you, wifey!), look no further!

Here’s a link to Ride-Parts own WEBSITE and FACEBOOK account.

All pictures are taken by Frank Sander / Thundermedia.

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