Spirit Motors Antik 3.0

Riding a motorcycle is a classless pleasure. Every day, people all over the world get on their bikes and have fun, no matter if they live on minimum wage or if they have CEO written on their business card. And the best thing is; budget doesn’t necessarily determine the amount of fun. No matter what personal preferences in terms of bikes one has, we all know that every motorcycle provides a great deal of entertainment. No matter if you’re on a beaten old scrap heap or if you’re riding a two-wheeled exclusivity; if it’s got two wheels and an engine, it means fun.

But if you ride a bike you should at least try to protect your skin and bones as good as you can, because here comes the next classless thing; if you’re hitting the ground it will hurt, no matter what amount is written on your paycheck. So the question is: does the price tag determine the level of protection?


With The Rokker Company’s range of motorcycle leather jackets, the high-priced end of the scale was featured recently here on 1down4up.net (read the article HERE). Today, with the Spirit Motors Antik 3.0 and its 199.95€ price tag, we’ll have a look at the opposite end of the price gap.

The Spirit Motors Antik 3.0 is designed to look like an US flight-jacket and is made out of brown, used look leather. The design features a leather collar and elastic wrist- and waistbands. Several patches on the arms as well as the chest are supposed to underline the vintage appearance. The jacket is equipped with a comfort lining and has two inner pockets. Two front as well as two lateral pockets should suffice to take along your belongings.

In terms of protection, the jacket comes with pockets for elbow, shoulder as well as a back protector, all three of them adjustable in height to fit everybody’s shape. These protectors don’t come as standard, you have to buy them separately.


Polo Motorrad, manufacturer of the Spirit Motors collection, points out that the favorable price is a result of skipping intermediaries in the trade channel and does not affect in any way comfort, quality or protective abilities of the product.

In the end, it’s good to know that, no matter what budget suits you best, you’ll be able to protect yourself appropriately.

You can buy the Spirit Motors Antik 3.0 for 199.95€ here, in the Polo Motorad Online Shop or in any of their numerous branches.