Rolling Shifter Peg

Small things can have a big impact. Sometimes, even a few centimeters can make a big difference. I skip the examples here to leave you with the porky ideas already popping up in your head. Let us come to the actual subject of this article…

Most of you probably have ditched one or another pair of shoes because they were ruined after a few thousand miles on your bike. One might think a nice pair of motorcycle boots would do the job because, hey, aren’t they done expressly for this? Well I’ve seen some motorcycle boots going haywire far earlier as their price tag might suggest. And if they weren’t completely pierced, they were at least heavily scratched or discolored. Since motorcycle boots don’t necessarily look anymore as if Neil Armstrong could have worn them for his historic small step, it makes things even worse to pay a load of money for shoes just to see them deteriorate with every single mile. All because of this little lever you use to change gears on your bike. If it’s made of raw metal, it will scratch your shoes, if it’s covered in rubber it will leave black marks on your shoes.


Different scenario, same culprit: while standing at some traffic lights you have to stir up your gearbox to find that damned neutral. You’ll find first, you’ll find second but you can’t light up that fu…. green light. And we’re not even talking about Harley-Davidsons here, blessed with shift travels like a tractor but apparently no neutral. Eventually you give up and wait with a pulled clutch for the traffic lights to go green. Great!

Another scenario, same malefactor: you give it the beans on a race track where, as a matter of course, you change gears more often, faster and above all much harder. In the evening, after heroic performances and in spite of fancy racing boots, the back of your foot hurts thanks to your shifter.

The guys from United Bike Parts in Germany are aware of these problems and found the right solution. They came up with a little part that makes you forget all the issues mentioned above.

The Rolling Shifter Peg is a little shifter peg that rotates on the lever. Rotating in one direction only, this makes for a shifter peg that literally rolls over your shoes instead of grinding over it while shifting up. No friction or other stress to your hand-made, Italian slippers. On the other hand, while shifting down, the rotation is blocked so no risk of slipping of the peg.

The hunt for neutral also gets easier thanks to the Rolling Shifter Peg. The rotation of the peg increases the feeling from your feet through the lever and makes shifting into neutral a piece of cake. The peg even takes the sting out of clunky Harley gearboxes and proves that the factory actually put a neutral in it.

Sportbike riders will appreciate the softer shiftability of their transmission. The peg reduces the required force to shift considerably and goes easy on your foot, your boot and your muscles. Thanks to the rotation of the peg the pressure from the lever is dispersed, so no more pain on your toes after a long track day.

The Rolling shifter Peg is available with M6 and M8 metric threads as well as 5/16 to 24 inch threads or with an adapter for BMW‘s model range. If you want, United Bike Parts can even customize any One-piece gear lever and equip it with a Rolling Shifter Peg. As you see, the Rolling Shifter Peg can be fitted on every bike.

peg-s1000 rr-s

The peg is available in many different finishes, such as full rubber, chrome stainless steel with rubber, blackened stainless steel with rubber etc. Prices start from 89€, fair if you consider it can raise the lifespan of your boots substantially.

Unfortunately I had no opportunity to test the Rolling Shifter Peg yet but a demonstration from Unites Bike Parts in Germany looked really promising. This seems to be indeed one of these small things that have a big impact.


You can buy the Rolling Shifter Peg either in United Bike Parts shop in Duisburg, Germany or directly here in their online shop.

Your clutch, your feet and your boots will appreciate it.

alloy-rubber alloy-black