Rengas Motowear

Guys, let‘s face it! When it comes to fashion and everything related, our sweet womankind is far superior than we are. In spite of a wide range of good-looking motorcycle gear and accessories, some (well let’s say; many) of us still manage to mix and match the wrong way and thus end up looking like some disguised monkey straight off of Ringling Bros. famous train. A good eye for the right carb-filter-exhaust setup doesn’t necessarily mean that same eye works when it comes to jacket, trousers and boots.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that more and more women who ride keep looking for brands offering products made by women for women. Because honestly; did you really think the stuff some major suppliers have on offer would arouse waves of enthusiasm amongst the ladies?

Hamburg based label Rengas Motowear is such a brand. Founded in 2015 by Nina Lange, a graduated fashion designer, Rengas was an opportunity to combine profession with a deeply rooted passion for motorcycles. The name Rengas, by the way, means tire or ring in Finnish language. Nina chose it to refer to her Finnish mother and her family’s love for motorcycles.

Besides T-Shirts, patches, caps and beanies, Rengas Motowear’s main products are limited, hand-made kidney belts. They have two different styles on offer, namely the Taru and the Beryl (named after famous female motorcycle racers). The Beryl comes with red satin lining while the Taru is lined with warm teddy bear fur. Both of the belts are adjustable with straps and buckles and are equipped with stretch parts (if this was a product for men, I’d say now: '…handy after five long months of hungry and thirsty winter nights' but since we’re talking about a product for the missus, I prefer saying: '…handy if you want to wear it over a thick, snuggly sweat-shirt.)

The belts are highly customizable, either with Nina’s self-designed and hand-made patches or even with your own patches if you prefer. Nice detail; every belt is shipped with a small pin on the label depicting the Madonna della Creta, the patron saint for motorcyclists. That pin can be attached anywhere so you’ll get a free dose of fortune with your new kidney belt. Further, they are shipped in a hand-printed gym bag (yes, just like the one you used to 'forget' as a kid because you were way to cool to participate in physical ed classes).

Prices for the kidney belts start at 149€ which is quite fair if you consider that you’ll probably use a quality product like this for decades (in contrast to those dozens of sloppy Velcro belts that got on my nerves for nearly 24 years now).

Get yours HERE, ON RENGAS MOTOWEAR’S WEBSITE or simply have a look at Rengas’ other products. Who knows, some of you might even find a perfect gift for the motorcycle riding girlfriend/wife.

Here are links to Rengas’ FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM Profiles

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