Regolarita by XTR Pepo

Pepo Rosell, mastermind behind Spanish workshop XTR Pepo, is definitely a busy man. He’s building bikes faster than most other workshops and every single one of them is a little gem. Shortly after presenting the Speedy Scrambler Pepo built for his befriended painter (read the article HERE), he came up with this Scrambler 800, commissioned by Ducati Spain.


Based on a 2016 Ducati Scrambler Icon, Pepo wasted no time and cut of the entire rear frame in order to build his own sub frame. A Ducati Sport Classic swing arm (see, Pepo doesn’t go for the lower parts-shelves) was equipped with a detachable cantilever system.


The OEM footrests were modified for solo use while aluminum fenders, coming from a Scrambler Classic, were fitted to the front and the back. The spoke wheels are taken from the same bike while the OEM airbox is ditched and replaced by an open air cleaner-unit. Further, the whole electrical wiring as well as the ECU is relocated.


Pepo manufactures brackets for the front light (snitched from a Mash 500 Scrambler), the OEM dashboard, the number plate and the indicators. A Lucas rear light, just like the one fitted to classic dirt-bikes, completes the retro-look of the Regolarita.


The gas tank stems from a 1962 Ducati De Luxe 250 and fits Pepo’s bike like it had been made for it. The original filler cap as well as the fuel pump is integrated into the tank. In combination with the seat, coming from a 1970 Ossa 250 dirt bike, XTR Pepo’s Ducati Scrambler reminds onlookers of mud-pluggers from the good ol’ days.


Pepo’s signature lateral number plate is fitted while his exhaust-man, aka Super Mario, manufactures a two-in-one header coupled to a Termignoni muffler. This should make for a decent sound.

Conical handle bars, pilfered from a Monster 1200, longer Rizoma risers, Domino Grips as well as CNC-machined Vicma rearview mirrors complete the picture. The paint job, inspired by vintage Ducati liveries, is done by Pintumoto and Artenruta.


With his latest build, Pepo Rosell has once again proved good taste and dexterity. I’m pretty sure it will arouse ideas in some Scrambler owners’ heads.

Have a look at XTR Pepo’s WEBSITE or at his FACEBOOK page.

All images a made by Cesar Godoy.

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