Octavia by Hyde Designs

What do you do if you don’t know how to prepare a poached egg? Well, you could simply make sunny side ups or scrambled eggs instead. If you don’t know how to drive stick you simply go and buy an automatic transmission. And if you can’t do round, you’ll just go boxy.

That’s what happened with this BMW G650X by Hyde Designs from Cape Town in South Africa, but more of that later. Jens’ Workshop is more of a garage that has never been used for cars and filled up with tools over the years. The workshop is open for whoever wants to hang out and do some work. That’s why besides motorcycles, furniture or other general ideas emerge from Hyde Designs.

The Octavia named bike in this article was an attempt to create something a little different and to test abilities. So Jens chose a rather uncommon G650X, BMW’s single cylinder Enduro, as a donor bike. Jens had a handmade tank & seat combo in mind, but since he is no master at shaping and doesn’t have the appropriate tools, he decided to go with flats and angles. That’s called determination.

The tank was made from several steel plates welded together while the seat was made from fiber glass. The latter houses the fuse box, most of the relays as well as the diagnostic plug. The seat is made from memory foam and trimmed with grey suede and black leather.

The OEM fork was lowered with internal components nicked from a Yamaha R1 and equipped with Clip-Ons. A Showa mono shock works at the back while the original wheels are ditched in favor of Suzuki Bandit wheels. Brembo brakes do their best to bring the whole thing to a halt. A machined instrument cluster houses an electronic Speedhut speedo as well as the control lights.

The engine was equipped with a BMC Cone air filter as well as a Stealth Pipes exhaust system. A small Antigravity battery now sits beneath the gas tank and to finish, a smaller radiator coming from a K1200 is mounted in a fiber glass housing.

Without a doubt, Hyde Design’s Octavia stands out of the mass due to its unconventional design. But it also stands out because of its builder’s commitment. I guess most of us are no metal-shapers or pro builders so we can tell a thing or two about overcoming hurdles and learning by doing. But that’s what customizing is all about, learning and having a good time while wrenching.

More information can be found on Hyde Designs’ WEBSITE or FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages.

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