Monster by Beautiful Machines

If you’re an attentive observer of the custom-world, you should have noticed by now that Southeast Asia’s scene is the next big thing. If in doubt, go and ask Deus Ex Machina or other big wigs why they are showing increasing presence in this area of the world. Or simply take a look at the bikes emerging from Indonesia, Thailand etc. and be baffled.


Malaysia’s Beautiful Machines is a workshop founded by a bunch of enthusiasts determined to put their country on the same level as their neighbors in terms of custom motorcycles. Causing quite a stir in the area with some previous builds, they managed to build this jaw-dropping beast of a bike aptly named Monster. They couldn’t have found a more suitable name for their creation and the subsequent invite to the Yokohama Hot Rod Custom show proves them right.

If, due to availability and regulations, many of the bikes from Southeast Asia are of a small displacement, the boys around Rajay Singh and Eng Chin Guan gladly lay hands on the big lumps, such as this 1991 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail.


They say inspiration for their built came from many things such as a Leica M3 camera, a 50’s Biplane or even the stance of a Bison. But they don’t fool me; I bet there have been other influences as well. Just look at the thing and tell me you’re not reminded of some WW1 Machinery or even the spaceships from Battlestar Galactica.

To achieve this look, it was clear that the somehow pompous Heritage Softail had to be stripped to its bare bones. Then, the frame was chopped, lowered and widened in the back in order to make space for the 240 tire. The stock forks were replaced by a shorter Springer unit built in-house.


That eye-catching, sharp front fairing as well as the round sub frame it is sitting on was fabricated by Beautiful machines just like the gas tank that was shortened and looks as if it was wrapped around the frame. The hand-crafted rear fender undermines the lethal look while the floating seat unit balances out the overall look.

But it’s the front light that haunts children’s dreams and scares grannies away. The two vertically arranged units inevitably makes you look for tentacles that grab you by the neck and pull you down into the abyss. They are embedded in a hand crafted mask and, in addition to the fabricated handle bars, remind you of machines from a century ago.


But it’s the engine that matches the Monster’s name best. A big Aisin AMR 500 supercharger is suspended over the primary belt and indicates that this thing is determined to kick everyone’s nuts. The 82cui Screaming Eagle Evo engine is bored out and equipped with forged pistons as well as high-compression heads. The S&S carb is relocated to the left side just in front of the supercharger and integrated into the system with a gorgeous pipe. A massive, hand crafted airbox as well as a primary cover designed to depict the Malaysian flag are only two of the many astonishing details on the Monster. A kick-start proves that this thing demands determination instead of a starter button to be awakened.


The unusual layout of the hand-made exhaust system turns the pipes through the bodywork in front of the engine. This two side panels stretch the look of the bike and lower it closer to the road. I assume the sound matches the looks.

The pegs, operated by an incredibly sophisticated shift linkage, are relocated to the back in pure drag bike manner. Since the power of the engine has gone north, the belt has been replaced by a chain.

So now, you might wonder what’s coming next for the Monster and Beautiful Machines after being invited to the Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show? Well, in 2017, the guys are going to reduce weight and raise the power of the engine in order to ship the beast to Bonneville and prove the Monster deserves its name.

Until then, you can follow the bike and the workshop on Beautiful Machines FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages.

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