MoniMoto Smart Alarm

Alarm systems on vehicles are kind of a mixed blessing. Truthfully; do you remember the last time you jumped out of the sofa and opened wide your windows when an alarm siren resounded on the street? See, me neither! You just raise the volume of your TV and hope the owner quickly finds his transponder to make it stop. Conclusion; alarms often are rather a nuisance than a real benefit. Be assured, the bastard that’s going to steal your bike will have it nicked before the siren goes off or takes second to mute it. You, on the other hand, regularly suffer a heart attack at the gas station when that little piece of sh.. goes off as soon as you remove the keys in order to open up your gas cap. And I’m not even beginning to talk about after-market alarms that drain your battery and decide to go off at 3am in the morning because a dog took a dump on a street two blocks away. Honestly, an alarm systems on a bike is not the be-all and end-all.

So this leaves you with the option of a tracking system. Unfortunately, they often need an integration into the wiring of the bike and frankly, fumbling on a modern bikes’ wiring with all the driving modes and traction control wizardry going on these days might turn out to be no piece of cake. On the other hand, the advantages of such a system compared to a regular alarm are significant; instead of a useless siren going off either in your garage or at the pump, trackers provide the most valuable information in that moment i.e. the exact GPS location of your bike. With that, it’s up to you if you call the cops or handle things the way Clint Eastwood or Charles Bronson would do.

With the Smart Alarm from Lithuania’s company MoniMoto you can now have a device coming with the pros of a tracking system but without the aforementioned cons. This system consists of a 1.5 x 5 inch measuring cylindrical device that can be hidden anywhere on your bike (avoid enclosed metal environments though). The transmitting device is then paired with your mobile phone via the MoniMoto App and paired with a small key fob that comes with the set. After everything is properly set up and paired, the MoniMoto Smart Alarm works as follows:

As long as that small key fob is in a radius of 10 meters to the tracking device (which is well hidden on your bike), absolutely nothing happens. But as soon as said key fob leaves that 10 meter radius, the system is activated. Still nothing special happening, but now the system is monitoring the position of your bike. As soon as your bike is moved in any way or matter, the Moni Moto calls you twice on your mobile and sends you messages to inform about the situation. After that, it connects itself to GPS satellites in order to send you updated GPS coordinates with its exact location every 5 minutes. And since the thief isn’t aware of your well-hidden Moni Moto, he thinks he’s safe while you can launch your measures of choice.

The pros of the MoniMoto are obvious: since it is battery-powered (battery power lasts at least a year) you don’t have to twiddle the cables, which is either risky or expensive. Further, you can use the system on any motorcycle, bicycle, car, boat (or whatever you want to monitor) by taking it off and placing it somewhere else in a jiffy. So if you own more than one bike, you can easily hide it on whatever bike you decide to ride today. The MoniMoto App also allows pairing several trackers with your phone and key fob so you can fit a tracker in every bike and simply activate or deactivate the ones you need. Further, you can deactivate the system in case you want to lend your bike to a friend.

With motorcycle theft (and any other theft in general) on the rise, the MoniMoto Smart Alarm costing 159€ can quickly pay off. Most parts of your stolen and quickly disassembled bike turn up on internet auctions for way more money than that.

If you want more information about the system or order yours, simply head over to MONIMOTO’S WEBSITE HERE.

Here’s a link to their FACEBOOK page.