Loonics' Husqvarna BS 501

If you’re really into motorbikes, you got to love them all. No matter if you see a chopper, a Dirt bike, a Street bike or a Cruiser; you like every single one of them! So, if you want to do things right, you park one of every kind into your garage and tell people you REALLY, REALLY need them all. But in real life, most aficionados’ dream about that well assorted stable fails because of money, space or uncomprehending (and therefore unsuitable) partners.

Or, you can choose to transform your sole bike every two or three years, at least some day you’ll be able to say ‘I had ‘em all!’ But what if today, you’re keen on some trail riding but next weekend you decide to burn some rubber on the twisties? Add this to the fact that customizing your bike usually burns way more money than you initially planned and you can see this option dwindling away more quickly than anticipated. But there are a few options to jazz-up your bike’s adaptability; like this Husqvarna BS 501 by the Loonics from Weiskirchen in Germany.

Dominik and David operate a lifestyle-shop, do graphic design as well as marketing for local companies and build bikes. After customizing a few SR 500s, they thought it was time to head in a completely different direction. With some kind of a 2-in-1 solution in mind, they came to the conclusion that it might be best not to alter the frame or the electrics in order to keep the performance up. Bodo Schmit Motorsport, a nearby Husqvarna & KTM dealer, provided the boys with a brand new 2017 Husqvarna FE 501 (a 60hp, knobbly-wheeled mudplugger) to play with.

So they started with adding a peanut-style gas tank to the mix, modified to accommodate the OEM-fuel pump. An aluminum base plate for the new leather/suede seat hides most of the electric gizmos and sits on a hand-made rear sub-frame. This sub-frame carries the rear fender as well as an integrated rear/brake light unit. The front fender is hand-made from 1.5mm steel while the WP-Suspensions-chassis is lowered and tweaked to perform well regarding its new stance. An Akrapovic-Slip-On muffler as well as an LED headlight combined with a hand-made bezel completes the picture.

In the Scrambler setup, the Loon BS 501 comes with two 2.15x18" rims equipped with Heidenau knobblies. This should be good for some serious fun in the dirt. But if you decide it’s time to take on the bends, the wheels can easily be swapped with two ultra-light Alpina Supermoto wheels, a radial Magura brake pump as well as 4-piston calipers.

If these pictures arouse ideas in your head, you’ll probably be pleased to hear that the Loonics are planning to offer this custom as a kit (suitable for 2-stroke as well as 4-stroke Husqvarna- & KTM bikes) in the near future. Since the new sub-frame is mounted to the stock-one’s mounting points, the tank is fitted to the original rubber-mounts and the wiring comes with OEM- connectors, it will be relatively simple to transform your dirt bike into such a beauty. This will add a whole new temper and fresh looks to your sole bike. Plus, you’ll still be the reasonable one-motorcycle-man in the eyes of your uncomprehending partner.

More information and pictures as well as an online-shop for gear and parts can be found on the Loonics’ WEBSITE or FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages.

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