Longride Heritage Bags

The Belgian company Longride, manufacturing motorcycle bags since 1988, recently presented their new Heritage collection. The saddle bags, tool rolls and backpacks from this collection are, due to the use of waxed canvas and tanned leather, aimed at classic or retro bikes.


The canvas used for the bags is very solid, tear-proof waxed linen produced in France (in order to be able to keep an eye on production quality). The aged-look leather is eco-friendly tanned and oil impregnated for increased resistance. Occasional waxing and oiling of the materials will suffice to keep them in shape.


Although the canvas’ water repellent treatment it lies in the very nature of waxed canvas not to be 100% water-resistant. So Longride equipped their bags with a polyester inner lining to prevent water from intruding trough the seams and adds a nylon sack to every saddle bag in order to guarantee 100% water resistance.


The Heritage bags are universal and can be fitted, due to their adaptor system, velcro fixing straps or elastic straps, to nearly every bike. The straps are rubberized so the bags won’t slip or get out-of-place while riding. The same straps enable you to take the bag off of the bike in a jiffy. See, you can fit these things anywhere.


As for the tool rolls, they come with little leather straps on the back in order to fit them wherever you want.

All the backpacks from the Heritage Collection are based on popular models by Ruitertassen, Longride’s parent company producing leather goods since 1927, so basically speaking they know how to manufacture bags.


Every Heritage Collection bag is available in plain brown or olive-green / brown.

Get more info here, on Longride’s own website.

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