Holy Freedom

Every motorcyclist living in a region with cold winters knows when temperatures start to drop, riding a bike can become a frosty pastime. And since most of us don’t ride fully clad, heated wellness-bikes, covering every inch of bare skin is essential. Especially a cold neck or throat can lead to a fearsome, life-threatening man-flu the next day.

Italian brand Holy Freedom rushes to help with their tubular scarves to protect frozen rider’s necks. Now, you might say that you get these tubular things as giveaways on every bike exhibition or buy one at the outdoor shop next door and you’re right, but you certainly won’t find any looking nearly as good as the ones sold by Holy Freedom. Feel free to admit it; from time to time, you catch yourself standing at a traffic light marveling at yourself in reflecting shop windows, don’t you? So dress to impress…yourself!

The Holy Freedom tubular scarves are available in three different materials: you can buy yours in cotton with antibacterial properties, in soft and fast-drying Primaloft cloth or in Primaloft cloth padded with snuggly fleece for the really cold days. Holy Freedom offers more than 60 different designs, so anyone should find the one that suits his/her style. The price range for the scarves is from 22€ to 25€.

Besides this, Holy Freedom offers a lot more products appealing to riders that are concerned about their appearance. For instance, you can buy DOT-approved open face helmets individualized by the artist 'Le Clochard Sourire' that look as if they had been lying in a barn over the last 5 decades. Prices for the helmets start at 98€ and go up to 298€.

Further, Holy Freedom offers T-Shirts, jeans, caps, beanies, sweaters etcetera, all of it in a trendy vintage look. You can purchase every product in their online shop; delivery takes 2 to 3 days.

An in-depth review of their Primaloft and fleece tubulars will be published on 1down4up.net in a couple of weeks.

Here’s a link to Holy Freedom’s ONLINE SHOP.


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