Helmade Custom Helmets

Trapped in a daily routine filled with grey Audi estates, black iPhones and gas-barbecues, more and more people are longing for a little scrap of individuality. Some spend fortunes in decals and bits for their Mini Coopers while others dress like clowns or sport silly spectacles.


When it comes to motorcycles, another factor comes into play; emotion! So if you’re reading this, chances are high you don’t see bikes solely as a means of transport and when emotions come into the game, you sure as hell won’t be satisfied with that bargain helmet you see on every third commuter.


The market for good-looking motorcycle gear and accessories has grown considerably but what if you want to stand out of the crowd at the next bike event? Right, you’ll need an individually painted helmet! German company Helmade created a unique helmet design tool enabling you to create and order your own, personal helmet design.


You can choose from 3 different helmets. Beside a more kart-oriented Arai helmet, it’s the open face and Bell’s popular Bullitt that could be of interest for you. There are 15 different design-templates for the Bullitt and 28 templates for the Open Face-helmet to choose from. But it’s only after selecting one of these templates that the actual fun begins. You can now choose from dozens of colors (including, among others, metallic, neon, classic, pastel and metal flake shades) and gradients in order to create your own, unique design. Combined with 8 different fonts and associated colors, allowing you to add your personal life wisdom, you can create millions of different paint-schemes. You’ll be struck by lightning before you stumble upon someone wearing the same lid.


After releasing your creativity, you can choose to add a variety of accessories like visors or goggles and proceed to ordering your personally designed helmet. As soon as Helmade receives your order, they start to paint your design on a blank helmet. Expect an approximate manufacturing and delivery time of 3 weeks, but you’ll get a detailed schedule by e-mail after placing your order.


Depending on the complexity of the design-template you choose, the open face helmet ranges from 329€ to 579€ while the Bullitt comes at a price between 799€ and 1299€. This includes a brand new helmet, the painting as well as shipping to every European country and Switzerland.


Head over to HELMADE. COM’s WEBSITE and have a go at designing your own lid. You’ll be surprised about the possibilities.

Or have a look at their FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages.