Halley Helmet Rack

I guess lots of you guys have spent a fair amount of money on their helmet(s). Because on the road, we all want to look as sharp as our bike does, right? So wouldn’t it be nice to present that lid in an appropriate way at home instead of stashing it in a wardrobe or simply place it on a shelf?

That’s why young Spanish company Halley Accessories came up with a sleek helmet rack giving you the opportunity to show off your helmet to any visitor that comes to your place. You might yawn now and point out you’ve seen dozens of them right now, but Halley Accessories added some more love and attention to their helmet rack to make it look extra good. Further, they seem to have put some extra brain in it since they chose a brushed alloy ball as the main element in order to avoid damage or pressure points on your helmets padding and foam due to angular edges.

So if you’re still lacking Christmas presents for loved-ones, look no further. But be aware, the Halley Helmet Rack is still a Kickstarter project so deliveries will only start in April 2018. But this gives you the opportunity to order yours as an early bird for 85€ instead of the regular 170€ you’ll have to cough up when it hits the market.

Here’s a link to Halley Accessories KICKSTARTER-WEBSITE or INSTAGRAM profile.