Furiosa by FCR Original

In the late nineties, Streetfighters were hotshit and the British Streetfighters Magazine got me mesmerized every month with cool, homebuilt bikes that looked twice as radical as anything I had seen before (I clearly speak of the beginnings of this movement, not these ridiculous bikes that emerged later under the name of Streetfighters). One day, they covered a heavily modified Suzuki Katana and from that moment on it was clear that a bike just like that had to find its way into the family garage.

No sooner said than done: a Katana with a modified mono shock frame as well as GSX-R wheels, brakes and chassis was pushed into the garage. But since, speaking in terms of power, too much was never enough in those days, the engine had been swapped for a GSX-R 1100 unit.

Now, one should think that even the dumbest moron knows that 140 horsepower are sufficient for a modified steel frame meant to carry a mere 100. But apparently, some people still yell for more since this engine had been tweaked to a far higher output. Obviously, this engine’s only reason to exist was to kill everyone twisting its throttle. Let’s just say, that Katana was a bit hairy to ride.

From a visual point of view that Katana was bang on. But since the bike’s new geometry was elaborated in a private garage, cornering felt a bit like riding a dairy cow on acid. But luckily, most corners are connected by a straight, right? Unfortunately, opening the throttle hard on the straight turned that dairy cow into a raging bull and left the frame bending in winding in pain. So much for directional stability. In short: yay for the looks, nay for the ride.

Nevertheless, that freakish Katana is still one of the most memorable bikes I’ve ever ridden. That’s why FCR Original’s Furiosa named Katana had to be featured on 1down4up.net.

Sébastien Guillemot and Mathieu Ménard from FCR Original in the French town of Chauvigny are well known for their fine Triumph builds. Some of you might remember their 'Crazy Bonnie' named nitrous Bonneville competing in the Sultans of Sprint series. They recently finished the Furiosa and just like their other bikes, they went the extra mile.

Here are the tech-specs:

  • Big Piston Upside Down fork by Showa
  • Beringer radial brake caliper
  • GSX-R 750 wheels
  • LSL Clip-On’s
  • Avon Extreme 3D tires
  • Daytona speedo
  • Frame modified by FCR Original
  • Nissin master brake cylinder
  • Racing brake discs
  • GSX-R front fender
  • Motogadget turn signals
  • Goodridge oil radiator
  • Gazi shock absorbers
  • LED headlight
  • Rear light by FCR Original
  • Proust seat
  • Modified tail by FCR Original
  • Dark Bronze paintjob by FCR Original
  • Engine paint by FCR Original


  • 1166 cc MTC cylinder
  • Mikuni RS carbs
  • High flow oil pump
  • EBC Kevlar clutch
  • Dyna 2000 ignition
  • Dynatek coils

I have to admit that this Katana looks even better that the one I rode and still regret today. Plus, I guess a workshop like FCR Originals manages to set up a better chassis than a bunch of freaks some 18 years ago.

Get more information on FCR Originals WEBSITE or FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages.

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