Freewheeler & Tracker Gloves by John Doe

Everyone’s most valuable tools are his own two hands. Life without them is considerably more difficult, riding motorcycles almost impossible. Some people even insure their hands for occupational reasons, so I can’t understand all those who think gloves are unnecessary while riding a motorbike. If you think you don’t need any protection for your hands because you’re riding a chopper or a cruiser at moderate speed and angle, may I suggest you open your kitchen drawer and run your palm forcefully over your cheese grater to get a proper idea. The coarse side, please! No? See!

But on the other hand, if you ride a chopper or any other bike at moderate speeds, it’s understandable you’re not keen to wear the latest high-tech gloves. It might be the most reasonable thing to do, but who wants to be reasonable all the time anyway? And if you don’t happen to live in France, where Lobbyists worked hard to force you into wearing gloves similar to the ones Joan of Arc used while fighting the Britons, you can still choose an option that offers you suitable protection without adding the whole shebang.

That’s exactly the aim of John Doe’s new Freewheeler and Tracker gloves. The latter should suit any Chopper or Cruiser aficionado while the former might perform great on any Café Racer, Scrambler or Retro bike.

The Tracker is made out of 1mm thick bovine leather with perforations over the back of the hand as well as the fingers. High-quality stitching as well as decorative stitching makes for an outstanding look. High-tech reinforcements protect your knuckles in case of an impact while an adjustable strap with a metal badge guarantee a snug fit. They even added special touch screen leather to the finger tips so you can scroll through maps on you mobile or take that vital motorcycle selfie for you Instagram account.

In terms of features and looks, the Freewheeler Glove is a completely different approach. Its vintage-look leather acquires a certain patina over time that tells a little story of its own. Loose fit straps with double seams and a pre-formed ergonomic fit make them comfortable while it’s 100% Dupont™ Kevlar® inner lining in combination with the 1mm bovine leather provides adequate protection.

Both types of gloves are available in brown or black. They come with a quite reasonable price tag stating 64.90 € and can be ordered in sizes ranging from S to 3XL.

Get your pair on John Doe’s WEBSITE or visit their INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK pages for more information.