Flat Track Invitational 2

It’s safe to say that Flat Track racing has become THE motor sport of the custom motorcycle scene. Magazines and social media are showering us with pictures of the races and their respective bikes on a daily basis. The big wigs of the scene are building one sweet tracker after another while a growing number of events and shows include a race in the oval.


It’s hardly surprising people like this sort of competition if you have a look at the bikes used to practice it and the action that goes on on-track. The fact that some of the biggest names in motorcycle racing’s history emerge from Flat Track racing says a lot about the skills needed to be fast on the sand. How gladly would you like to try it out for yourself, don’t you? Prepare a cheap bike and give it a go, eat some dust.


The Flat Track Invitational 2, an event organized by Vintage Racing Spirit, gives you that opportunity. It takes place on the La Grisière oval, one of the few approved tracks in France, near Macôn. After the success of the first edition the guys decided to stage a second one, on the 4th of June 2016.


The races are open to everyone respecting a few limitations concerning the bikes. A professional rider will give assistance and advice for your first laps if needed.

You need to register if you want to have a go but hurry up, registration ends on 15th of May and is limited in order to guarantee enough racing time on track for every participant.


Macôn is situated to the north of Lyon, 150 km from Geneva and 350 km from the German border.

More information, an application form, images and a video of the first edition can be found here, on Vintage Racing Spirit’s website or here, on the Facebook page of the event.

Images: Nicolas Serre