DMD Seventy-Five Helmet

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But in case of Bell’s Moto-3 helmet produced in the seventies, few would argue that this is one of the best looking lids you can put on your coconut. So probably some of you have, like the author of this article, already checked at e-bay what it takes to get one of these vintage dirt helmets. After an initial surprise about the availability of these old gems comes the letdown. Prices start from 250 USD for an f…..-up specimen looking as if it was used as a ball in an elephant-soccer game (you think I made that up, don’t you? Watch this). And that’s only before you start spending hundreds and hundreds for the restoration of the thing. So you might end up with a sharp-looking yet nevertheless 40-year-old helmet. Materials and manufacturing processes in those days were quite different from today’s standards so one might suggest you avoid crashing cause no one knows (or lives to tell) how these materials behave in case of an accident. We’ve all seen the images of a dropped melon and I assume most of us aren’t too keen to be that melon.

DMD Seventy-Five 4

I guess the guys at Bell, if they don’t happen to be completely blind and deaf, noticed that their vintage helmets became very popular over the last few years. That’s why they took a step in that direction by launching the Bullitt (read a review about it HERE). No one knows why they didn’t launch a reissue of the much-loved Moto-3 but let’s assume it has something to do with safety standards and maybe profitability.

DMD Seventy-Five 5

So give way to the small Italian helmet manufacturer named DMD. The guys from Bergamo attract attention for some time now with their helmets, may it be for their special paint jobs or for the vintage looks of certain models. It certainly is not a coincidence that the Rocket or the Racer look quite similar to certain vintage models from a big manufacturer.

With their brand new full face, aptly named Seventy-Five, DMD did what many among us were waiting for. The Seventy-Five looks like an exact replica of the Moto-3 with the not so negligible difference that it is made with today’s materials and safety standards. That means it is ECE as well as DOT approved, so we’re on the legal side here.

DMD Seventy-Five 3

A carbon fiber-kevlar shell make that the helmet is very light, approximately 1000g. The finish of the shell is quite uneven though. Maybe this stems from the materials or the manufacturing process, but it looks kind of bumpy from certain angles.The inner lining is removable and washable and the helmet is equipped with a double D clasp. Three studs on the front allow to attach most accessories such as
visors and stuff.

DMD Seventy-Five 2

The price tag for the Seventy-Five is around 370€ either in matte black, white, blue metallic or yellow in a size range from XS to XXL. It is available at any well-stocked specialist or directly here in DMD’s own online shop.

Note to all the owners of a DMD Rocket or Racer planning to put this one on their shelf too; the Seventy Five is much bigger in size than these two.

An in-depth review of the Seventy-Five on the bike will follow shortly.