DAGA BMW R80 by Matteucci Garage

Loosely speaking, one can say that there are two major approaches to most of the problems life throws at us. First, there’s the sledgehammer-approach and secondly, the scalpel-method. Pros and cons adhere to any of these two ways and we all know a person that manages to choose the wrong option every single time. Aside from the nature of any individual, it takes some tact and sensitivity to choose the right approach.


We closed the year 2016 with a textbook example of a two-wheeled sledgehammer (read the article HERE) just to open 2017 with the direct contrast to that: namely Matteucci Garage’s BMW R80 DAGA.

It took Marco Matteucci from Montegranaro in Italy remarkably long before he first laid hands on an R-Model from Bavarian manufacturer BMW. But with only four weeks to go until the EICMA-expo in Verona, he decides to roll one of these into his workshop. With this short deadline, one might think a lukewarm exhibition bike would be the only option. But that’s not what Marco had in mind.


The Italian wanted the classic Café Racer lines combined with elements of a modern sports bike. Marzocchi upside-down forks as well as a single disc and caliper from Brembo’s Gold-Series underline the latter.

But it’s obvious that the creative and arty part of the DAGA makes it stand out of the crowd. The small fairing is made out of a Harman Kardon subwoofer housing while the narrow gas tank has the exact width of the engine and makes for a harmonious impression.


Marco fabricated a spectacular rear sub-frame from hand-bent stainless steel that starts just above the shock-mount on the right side to loop around the seat and tail-light before winding down to the transmission mount on the left.

The revamped engine is painted in a matte black finish while the two carbs get beautifully machined aluminum velocity stacks. This supersedes the air-box and leaves space for a tool roll. The exhaust is hand-made by Marco and of simple beauty.


The wiring is ditched and replaced by a Motogadget system consisting of an M-Unit, bar-end indicators as well as a Motoscope Tiny speedo. This speedo is beautifully integrated between the gas stank and the upper frame tube which leaves the cockpit clean and uncluttered. A vertically placed LED-strip acts as a rear-light.

To add the individual touch, the aluminum side panels of the tail section as well as the subwoofer-front fairing are covered in leather and, along with the seat, engraved and tattooed by Sconcio.

To finish, the frame is painted in Wild Olive Gold. In combination with the glossy black tank and the matte black engine, the Matteucci Garage’s DAGA shines in a discreet and elegant way.


A short note on the side: despite the radical look of the bike, it can be returned to stock due to the unmodified frame. But honestly, who would do such a thing?

So in the short period of 4 weeks, Marco Matteucci managed to build a textbook example of the scalpel-motorcycle. And if, someday, he decides to sell it, he can highlight the Harman Kardon sound system in the ad.

Here is Matteucci Garage’s WEBSITE or their FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages.

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