DA#4 BMW Rnine T by Diamond Atelier

Custom bike collaborations between two firms are increasing. Not only the ‘manufacturer-hands-out-bike-to-workshop’ collaborations in order to raise its credibility but more and more coop-bikes between workshops and non-motorcycle-related firms are popping up. Custom motorcycles and the associated scene are getting more popular every day and firms are starting to realize the potential of this scene to establish new trends. Maybe some of you remember themed collaboration bikes looking like a crashed construction crane bolted to a merry-go-round and built by two yelling hotheads. Forget that, we’re talking about serious stuff here.


The DA#4 BMW Rnine T is a collaboration project between basketball brand K1X and custom motorcycle brand Diamond Atelier. Since these two firms are based in Munich it was clear the donor bike had to be a BMW Rnine T. K1X wanted the project to be inspired by its 2016 fall/winter "Core" collection while Tom and Pablo from Diamond Atelier had something in mind that goes the extra mile. Neither were they put off by reprogramming the CAN-BUS system in order to get rid of the stock controls nor where they afraid of dismantling and reassembling the swing arm to be able to paint it black.


But first, they began by crafting a new gas tank. Tom and Pablo wanted to create something new without, however, burying the Rnine T style. So they decided to keep the BMW’s air intakes but made them symmetrical and running through aluminum tunnels worked into the tank. A rewired harness, all the electronics as well as the battery were packed under the tank to clear the rear part of the frame. The clean, short tail section is handmade as well and houses an integrated tail light while a complex 2 into 1 header leads to a GP-Style muffler.


Wilbers Blackline Edition shocks and forks, re-laced wheels with reinforced spokes along with Metzeler Racetec Slicks improve the bike’s handling significantly. ABM supported the build with goodies such as clip-ons, radial brake and clutch cylinder, fluid reservoirs and bar controls. AC Schnitzer rear sets were mounted while indicators, speedo and the keyless start system bear the name Motogadget.


In terms of paint, Diamond Atelier went for a glossy black tank with matt black knee dents, hand-applied lines, K1X’s signature speckles print on wheels and air intakes while a mixed olive paint for hubs and details was chosen to match the seat.


K1X’s maple leaf-logos machined out of 100g sterling silver on the gas tank as well as a 0.17 carat diamond in the CNC machined top yoke prove that Diamond Atelier likes to go one step further than most.


After the DA#5 Suzuki DR Tom and Pablo managed again to build an exceptional bike that will compete in the entirely new "Essenza" class at this year’s Glemseck 101 sprint.


If you want to see more of the DA# Rnine T or any of Tom and Pablo’s other bikes, you can do so here, on the Diamond Atelier website.

Info about the new K1X collection can be found here on the K1X website.

Photos by: Lukas Magerl Photography / www.lukasmagerl.com