All-Conditions Phone Pocket by Bellroy

With a steadily growing market for motorcycle protective gear, many among us are eager to buy good-looking gear with a certain degree of protection instead of highly functional body armor. After all, if you landed on this page, chances are high you’re riding a custom or classic bike and no sport bike. But if you ride in Kevlar®-reinforced denim jeans, you should be aware that things can get a bit uncomfortable below the waistline as soon as temperatures drop or the sky opens the floodgates. But we all have beards and tattoos, so a few drops can’t break our motivation, right? If things get nasty, we clench our teeth and go on. After all, it’s essential to cut a good figure in the ambulance after you crashed because your soaked shoe slipped from the brake pedal.


But right after torrential rain drenched you denim and begins to soak your undies, a vital thing, hidden between these two wet layers, springs into your mind: your obscenely expensive smartphone! And since most of these gizmos aren’t waterproof, they don’t cope as glorious with nature’s elements as we tough guys (or girls) do.

This happened to me… a friend of mine so after some search I did in order to help that poor chap, I found Bellroy’s All-Conditions Phone Pocket.


You can stash a smartphone the size of an iPhone or iPhone plus in it. Besides, two inner pockets enable you to put some folded bills, 2 -8 credit cards, a key or some coins into the Phone Pocket.

You can choose between different leather or canvas types, each of them available in different colors. In combination with a waterproof YKK-zipper and the microfiber lining, your smartphone is tucked away pretty snuggly while all hell breaks loose around you. Bellroy products are made out of premium vegetable-tanned leather, under world-class environmental stewardship standards. The leather as well as the canvas version is a 100% waterproof and keeps your stuff dry.


Prices start at 89€ for the canvas pocket and go up to 109 for the leather version. Bellroy backs their products with a 3 year warranty and ships worldwide.

There it is; the affordable protection for your smartphone. You can leave the flashy rain suit or the globetrotter-style textile jacket to the others. And besides, the pocket also works off the bike. No need to bring that flashy rain suit to the next festival or beach party.

Get it in Bellroy’s own ONLINESHOP. More information on their FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM pages.

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