Blueberry Bomber by Krakenhead Customs

I really like the first-gen Goldwing. A fat seventies bike with an impressive lump of an engine. I don’t want to start any argument about the dodgy models that appeared later under the Goldwing label. Neither am I keen to hear about the benefits of a shop window, a stereo system or any other microwave they fitted to these rolling home-furniture displays over the decades. So let’s focus on this specimen, the Blueberry Bomber by Krakenhead Customs in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

When Rok and Luka were offered a GL1000, they were simply thinking; overhaul, new paint, some racy parts and back on the road! But the first idea might not always be the best, so eventually they decided to do the whole shebang.

The GL’s forks were ditched in favor of a telescopic form from a Honda CBR and coupled to GSX-R1100 brake discs. Since this couldn’t work out without a new wheel hub, Krakenhead designed a new one in 3D that was milled by a local CNC shop. Spoking the 17" wheels was done by Central Wheel Components. The swing arm was modified in order to mount a larger wheel in the back and Avon Roadrider tires were fitted.

Since the GL’s gas tank is hidden underneath the seat while a dummy gas tank sits where you expect to find a motorcycle’s tank, Rok and Luka were facing some work. A CB 750 SS tank was smoothed and equipped with a pop-up fuel cap before it was reworked to fit the GL’s frame. The loss of the original tank left Krakenhead white lots of space underneath the seat. Parts of the void were filled with a Nissin brake system. Tarrozzi rear sets as well as a relocated side stand allow more angle if the rider feels enthusiastic.

But when Rok and Luka attacked the overhaul of the engine, they found out why there are not many GL’s left on the road. Gathering all the spare parts for the engine turned out to be a nightmare they only managed to overcome with the help of some passionate people in GL-forums. But today, the GL comes with new pistons, valve guides, belts, tensioners, chains, cams, rods and bearings. Handmade stainless headers lead to Delkevic KZ1000 megaphone mufflers.

But the icing on the cake is a couple of Weber carbs sitting on top of the cylinders. Krakenhead nicked them from an old Porsche and I can’t think of a better looking solution for this bike. Thus, new manifolds and linkages hat to be worked out and got laser cut along with the Krakenhead lettering, the battery box as well as the water cooler grill. The wiring was updated with Motogadget parts since we all know electric bugs can easily spoil the pleasure of riding. Most of the wiring was hidden in the frame tubes in order to get a clean look.

But now, with the Blueberry Bomber gradually taking shape, Rok and Luka found out their GL was lacking that certain something. So they decided that certain something should be a classic Rocket cowl. Works fine for me! After fitting the cowl to the tank, they incorporated an overflow tank and closed the fairing from the back. Ales Urbanc, the same leatherworker who made the seat, lined the inside of the cowl with the leather. Rok and Luka put a lot of attention into their bike, that’s why every single part of it was either sand blasted, powder coated, painted or polished. In combination with the indigo blue paint, the Blueberry Bomber shines like a new penny.

So if by now, you’ve fallen in love with the Blueberry Bomber, you might be delighted to hear that the bike is the first price in a raffle. If you buy a ticket for the Motörcity music and motorcycle festival in Slovenian town of Soča, chances are you could be the lucky bas… that takes the GL home. With only 2000 tickets sold for that festival, chances might be higher than you expect.

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