Put Sacha Lakic's Cafe Racer of the Year in your garage

Most of you will certainly remember Sacha Lakic and his Honda CX 500, a bike voted second place at Bike Exif’s annual Café Racer of the Year poll. Further, it has been honored with the title Best Café Racer of the Year by viewers and readers of both Racer TV and Bike Brewers. The pictures above and below should be sufficient proof for these titles.


Sacha sure gained international attention with his first build but one should know that he is no blank sheet of paper when it comes to designing motorcycles. During his professional career as a designer Sacha shaped motorcycles for Voxan, Bimota and MBK as well as other automotive manufactures. He has an impressive portfolio in furniture design as well. So as you see, the CX500 was not just a lucky shot.

And now, you can roll this award winner into your very own garage. At least, if you rolled some cash out of your pocket beforehand. Due to the bike’s international success and popular demand, Sacha Lakic recently founded Blacktrack Motors and offers his CX500, in two different configurations, to a small number of customers.


Configuration stage 1 is the BT-01S which is limited to a series of 20 machines. Each BT-01 will start with a hand-picked Honda CX500 that is thoroughly overhauled before the real customizing begins. This overhaul consists of a completely new, tailored wiring system, new pistons and rings, all new bearings, gaskets and bushes and a bigger, high performance water cooler. The engine gets new paint and a high temperature powder coating treatment. A set of inox fasteners and washer replaces the stock ones.


After this, customizing consists of a polyester gas tank with an alloy gas cap and a polyester tail. A solo seat finished in anti-slip upholstery with red stitching completes the rear section. The swing arm is reinforced and customized to receive a Öhlins S46DR1 rear mono shock. Machined and tailor-made fork yokes grab a black Öhlins FG424 upside-down fork. An electronic ignition as well as a Dino-Jet kit for the stock carbs is fitted while custom-made, anodized foot pegs and a tailored exhaust complete the picture. Stopping in time is assured by Nissin dual discs and calipers at the front while a single set from the same manufacturer looms in the rear.


As for configuration stage 2, the BT-01R limited to a series of only 5 machines. All the customizing mentioned above applies anyhow but there are some sweets added such as a new timing chain and tensioner, new guides and valves seats, balanced crankshaft, rods and pistons, a new water pump and thermostat, an inlet optimization as well as a complete set of fancy titanium fasteners and washers.

When it comes to the choice of parts, the shelf was even a bit higher, let’s just say at the top, for the BT-01R. Here, gas tank and tail section are tailor-made from carbon fiber. While the black Öhlins fork from the S model is replaced by a golden 43mm Öhlins specimen the rear mono shock is upgraded to a TTX36 specimen bearing the same brand name. The BT01-R gets two brand new 39mm Mikunis to take care of the right mixture and a complete radial Brembo braking system is fitted to the front and the back.


The result of all this work, may it now be for the S or the R, is a very compact and lightweight motorcycle. The components used for these bikes put the CX 500 into the 21st century in terms of handling and transform the often wrongfully called Poor man’s Guzzi into a unique and desirable bike.

Blacktrack Motors now offers you and 24 other lucky bas…. aficionados the possibility to call this bike your own. The BT-01S comes at 35.000€ while the BT-01R has a 55.000€ price tag. No one ever said exclusivity and high quality comes cheap. But one thing is guaranteed to the 25 future owners of these bikes; the thousands of readers voting this bike to be the most beautiful Café Racer in 2015 will envy you for it.

More info and an order form can be found here, on Blacktrack Motors’ website.