The Black Douglas Motor Co.

Some of you might have stumbled upon pictures of great-great grandpa on his motorbike in the 1920’s. You certainly wondered how it must have been to ride one of these bikes. Or maybe you’re part of the Steampunk scene and want to cause a stir at the next convention. Or, you’re living in the city and looking for a classy and extravagant means of transportation that stands out of the crowd of flashy plastic scooters without renouncing to reliability and road capability.

Then, look no further, the Sterling Countryman Deluxe might be the perfect ride for you. While simply hearing the company’s name conjures visions of British country houses, the Bentley-Boys, tweed jackets and green lawn, you might be surprised to hear that The Black Douglas Motor Co. is located in a suburb of the Italian city of Milan. Handmade to 90% by parts originating from Italy, purists might like the fact that the only plastic parts on the bike are a handful of electrical connectors. And the people at Black Douglas Motor Co. took care to hide them either in the frame, the handlebars or, with the rest of the wiring, in the right side compartment op the aluminum gas tank.

The Sterling is available either in 125cc or 230cc displacement. The modern, electric starter equipped single cylinder engine is licensed by Honda and has an output of 12.75 or 14.3 horsepower (I’m wondering how a 0.75 horsepower might look? Is it three-legged? Or even a pony?). But this output should be sufficient to ride with the flow of city traffic as well as for the joyride on country roads. The bike’s weight of 95 or 98 kilos allow a measured top speed above 115 km/h for the 230cc version.

According to the look and the philosophy, the Sterling lacks any electronic gizmos in order to emphasize fun and the experience of riding a bike. Its seat height of 860cm (for comparison, a Triumph Street Triple has a seat height of 850cm) can be reduced with an optional kit.

The rigid frame is fabricated out of steel tubes while a Girder-style front fork is machined from Ergal. 21 inch wheels with 3.00 tires are equipped with drum brakes that should master the weight as well as the power. More than 200 labor hours go into the assembly of every single unit which makes the Sterling far from being an off-the-shelf bike.

The Black Douglas Motorcycle Co. offers more than 100 parts and accessories such as passenger saddles, saddle bags, headlights, horns, handlebars and more. In combination with 34 different color options and liveries, there’s no need to worry about the same one parked at the next bar.

The Sterling Countryman Deluxe is street legal all over Europe and can be purchased at selected dealers in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France and Great Britain. Prices start at 9480€ for the 125cc version.

So if there’s a Charlie Chaplin, Great Gatsby or Al Capone slumbering deep inside of you, the Sterling Countryman Deluxe might be the perfect bike to wake him up. You’ll sure as hell make a show wherever you turn up with this thing.

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