Bellroy All Conditions Phone Pocket Review

Periodically, we all ride through a rain shower. But there are different kinds of showers. First, the one that warns you with some light drizzle and leaves you with some room to maneuver. You can either reach destination with slightly wet pants or look out for shelter to stop and wait until it is over. Sometimes, if you observe the clouds with a trained eye, you can even bypass them and stay dry. Then, there’s the second kind of rain shower. This one quietly sneaks up from behind until you are surrounded by clouds before it opens the floodgates.


A while back, the latter kind got me again. And since torrential rain gets you drenched in a matter of seconds, you can just as well go on. Anyhow, depending on the kind of vintage tire tread you’re riding, you better concentrate on not crashing rather than wondering if your undies are just wet or completely soaked. Sometimes, if you’re just on a leisurely ride with no specific place to go and temperatures are high, riding through a summer storm can even be some kind of fun.

But eventually, your smartphone, stashed away in the pocket of your soaked trousers, comes to your mind. Considering the price of these things, that’s where the fun stops.


After such an experience, I searched the internet for a solution and stumbled upon Bellroy’s All Conditions Phone Pocket (read the article here). Bellroy was kind enough to send me a sample for a review so I opted for the Burnt Orange leather version which looks pretty good and is easier to find if you have misplaced it again.

Bellroy products are not from the cheap side but the pocket is delivered in a box that matches the price tag. This is the kind of packaging you can’t bring yourself to throw away even if you’re not sure what to use it for (mine didn’t find its way into the bin yet…).

The phone pocket itself is well processed and meets expectations in terms of look and feel. The water-resistant zip works fine but beware: this phone pocket is weather-proof, not 100% water-proof. Your phone will be fine whatever harsh conditions rage on the outside but you should look further if you need something to check Instagram-likes on your next scuba trip.


The leather is weather-proof as well and water stains leave no residues. A special bumper underneath the surface adds to the pockets rigidity and protects your phone from external influences.

On the inside, a soft microfiber lining keeps your gizmo clean and dry while two pockets mean you can bring cash, up to eight credit cards or even keys. But no worries regarding incoming calls; you can still hear the ringtone and feel the vibration.

The pocket I received is meant for iPhone 6s (hence iPhone 7 fits as well) but you can use it with any phone up to 70 x 140mm. This means you’re free to keep any protective cover you have on your phone and don’t need to buy a new pocket if you change to a slightly bigger phone than the iPhone.

Some people even match the color of their car to Bellroy's All Condition Phone Pocket!

Some people even match the color of their car to Bellroy's All Condition Phone Pocket!

My verdict after a few weeks with Bellroy’s All-Conditions-Phone Pocket is the following:

There’s nothing to gripe about the quality of the pocket. A 3 years warranty speaks for itself. On the other hand, that’s what you can expect from a product in this price range. But keeping in mind that this pocket makes any other wallet or billfold superfluous qualifies the price tag of 109€ for the leather version.

If you need an earthquake-proof case to take your phone with you on your next dive to the RMS Republic, you have to look somewhere else. There are enough cases doing just that but they tend to bulk things up to the point where you find yourself wondering if you accidentally stashed the ironing board into your pocket.

But if you need an effective protection for your day-to-day life with its rain showers, spilled coffee mugs, sports accidents and other little mishaps, the All-Conditions Phone Pocket might be the right thing for you. Perhaps even more since it makes your wallet superfluous.

Get it here, in Bellroy’s E-Shop.