BAAK Motocyclette's Triumph Bobber

French workshop BAAK Motocyclettes is known for their clean builds proving that the right combination of well-made parts often leads to a harmonic result and thus a more desirable bike than some flashy or unconventional modifications. And since they seem to put the same attention to communication with the likes of me, I’ll gladly make way for the builders to explain their Bonneville T120 Bobber project:

Although Triumph recently came up with their Bonneville Bobber, we decided to build our own Bobber based on the Bonneville. We aimed for a simplified and clean bike built by every trick of the Bobber-book but simultaneously respecting our most important leitmotiv: rideability. Instead of building the typical, somewhat rebellious Bobber, we wanted to build something more subtle, gentleman-like.

Just as with any previous BAAK bike, we started with the wheels. We consider them the initial parts that subsequently lead to the final look of the bike. We went for 16 inch wheels and a pair of classic Continental tires. Many parts were designed and 3D-printed before we started production to make sure they fit together nicely when it comes to final assembly. The core element of this bike is the short seat kit. This kit consists of an aluminum rear loop made to fit into the chopped frame, a gold-leather clad seat, a small rear fender as well as a tail light and several mounts and brackets. This kit is a simple way to dramatically alter the look of your Bonnie without ditching the passenger seat. A lateral plate holder completes the reduced look. Two flat air filters replace the OEM housing while lower top yokes (20mm) make the somehow bulky bike appear nimbler. An alloy engine guard, nestled between the BAAK exhaust system, combines a nice sound with discreet looks. Large handlebars make for an upright seating position and thus a natural riding experience.

Many parts such as the ECU, rearview mirrors, indicators and ignition switch have been relocated to obtain a clean look. For this, we had to get knee-deep in the wiring and complex electronics of the bike. The stock speedo was replaced by a Motogadget Tiny, incorporated in a classic Bates headlight. Controls on this bike are made of plastic and will be used as models for alloy parts, very soon available in our BAAK online-shop.

The leather elements such as the seat, the lateral bag, the fork gaiters etc…) make for a posh touch and will acquire a nice patina influenced by the future owner and his habits. Most of the parts on this bike will soon be available via our online-shop so people can build their own BAAK Bobbers for themselves. And as stated before, BAAK Motocyclettes’ primary goal is to build unique, beautiful bikes without cutting back on their ride abilities so owners can use them as any other stock motorcycle for their needs.

Tech specs : 

  • BAAK tail and seat kit
  • Bates headlight with integrated Motogadget Tiny speedo sitting on our BAAK headlight plate
  • BAAK controls
  • Kustom Tech levers
  • Flat top yoke (20mm lower)
  • BAAK N°1 handle bars with Cross Bar

  • BAAK bar-ends
  • Stainless steel Bobber exhaust
  • Flat air filters
  • Ignition switch relocation
  • LED turn signals
  • Nacre paint
  • Black BAAK badges
  • Small rear-view mirrors

  • Small stainless steel front fender
  • 16 inch rims with classic Continental tires
  • Leather fork gaiters
  • Stainless steel engine protection
  • Short Shock Factory X BAAK shock absorbers (-20mm)
  • Relocated ECU
  • Relocated turn signals
  • Beringer brake disc
  • Stainless steel side covers
  • Leather lateral bag

Check out BAAK Motocyclettes’ parts and complete kits for Triumphs, Moto Guzzi’s, Royal Enfields as well as universal fitting parts on their WEBSITE.

Here’s a link to their FACEBOOK page.