The internet is overflowing with websites about custom motorcycles so why adding this one to the bunch? Let me explain:

For many years now, the author of this site is roaming around on several websites and blogs about custom bikes and reads heaps of international motorcycle magazines every month. While doing so, he often noticed that, although knowing each other and sometimes even meeting each other, different national scenes often do, mainly due to linguistic divide, their own thing. Thanks to his multilingualism, the author was often able to pick the cherries from different cakes in terms of parts, events or any other gear.

The aim of 1DOWN4UP.NET is to provide information about custom bikes, related products or events to a broader, international audience allowing them to learn about things they otherwise would possibly have missed. That’s why every article on 1DOWN4UP.NET is written and translated by the author himself so the reader might find what he is looking for in places he didn’t even knew existed.

On the other hand, 1DOWN4UP.NET provides a platform for builders and manufacturers to present their products or services to a much wider, international audience.

And that’s why this page about custom motorcycles and stuff exists while there already are dozens of them on the web!

Oh, and before you ask; the author grew up between his dad’s and elder brother’s motorcycles and yes, the author customizes his own motorcycles too.

But now, make way for the cheap excuses:

  • Every article published on 1DOWN4UP.NET is written and translated by the author himself and not by any translation software. In other words, he’s writing every article three times. That’s why he is unable to publish a new article each day like other blogs and websites do. But anyway, that was never the idea of this site. 1DOWN4UP.NET wants to stand out through quality and not quantity.
  • One last thing: none of the three languages are the author’s mother tongue. So you will almost certainly find spelling and grammatical errors in the articles. In this case, I suggest you go on reading and build the right sentence in your head. After all, this is a site about motorcycles and not about orthography.

I hope you like 1DOWN4UP.NET and come back regularly to check what’s new.

Finally, let me quote the guys from Biltwell: Ride Motorcycles, Have Fun!