1973 Bultaco Lobito ASTRO

Two-strokes! They’re magical! Nothing makes me smile as much as these smoking, squealing beasts. I had the opportunity to ride a Honda NSR 400 a few months back and even now that I’m writing about that experience I can’t help myself but smile. My driver’s license as well as my health are grateful I said ‘no, thanks’ when that same bike was offered to me about two years ago. Everything else says ‘you bloody idiot’. Well, who knows what might appear in my garage one day…

So if some day you have the opportunity to ride a powerful Two-Smoker, just do it! Even if it’s just for these wonderful swathes of finest perfume emerging from a tiny exhaust hole or that gorgeous sound.

Pepo Rosell from Spanish workshop XTR Pepo seems to like the smell of a two-stroke engine as well since he turned this 1973 Bultaco Lobito 125 MK7 into the gem you see in these pictures. It might not have that outrageous power explosion as said NSR, but it comes with the same perfume and sound.

Here are the Astro’s tech specs:

- Modified frame
- Yamaha SR 250 swing arm
- Hagon rear shocks
- Honda Hornet 600 front fork
- Derbi Senda Supermotard front wheel
- Bultaco Lobito rear hub with Derbi Senda Supermotard rim

- LSL conical handlebar
- Gonelli quick gas throttle
- Gonelli natural rubber grips
- Gonelli levers
- Bultaco Mercurio 155 (1963) fuel tank
- XTR seat and upholstery
- XTR number plates
- XTR fork protectors

- Ducati footpegs
- Bultaco Matador MK10 (1979) 350 cc engine
- Regina chain
- Bing carburetor
- XTR air filter
- Hand Made Super Mario race exhaust.
- Pintumoto painting

Pictures taken by Cesar Godoy.

Here’s a link to XTR Pepo’s WEBSITE, FACEBOOK page or INSTAGRAM profile.