What's Wax-Cotton anyway?

You might wonder why I’m about to present new products from the Rokker Company while their complete 2017 collection was featured on 1down4up.net a short while ago. So first things first: neither am I a shareholder of the company nor does it belong to the neighbor’s uncle. The presentation of these products can be seen as a pretext for a little history lesson about the subject. The Swiss company attached a little document about the origins of wax cotton to their press-mail and since I thought it to be quite interesting I don’t want you to miss it. So consider this a ‘How-Stuff-Works’-article that makes you the pipsqueak at the next party.

We all know wax-cotton products and I guess some of you might own and appreciate them. But what’s the story behind it, where does this stuff come from, right? That’s what I’m going to tell you now, even if you don’t care.

Sailors from the 15th century already knew that wet sails were more efficient than dry ones. Unfortunately, the extra weight of wet sails slowed down their ships so any advantage of a wet sail was shattered.

Eventually, some sailors had the idea to smear their sails wit fish-oil. The thin film of oil sealed the pores of the canvas which led to a faster pace of their ships with nearly no extra weight. Besides, this made the sails water-repellent and thus not prone to any weight-gain due to moisture.

It didn’t take the sailormen much longer to figure out that the same fish oil could render their clothes water-repellent so the precursor of the modern wax jacket was born. Since then and over the centuries, the waxing of cotton was steadily developed which led to a considerable popularity of wax cotton garments in the world of motorcyclists. Waxed garments are strong, natural and get an authentic patina over time while their water repellent characteristics can be renewed again and again.

Rest assured, the Wax-Cotton Jackets by the Rokker Company aren’t smeared with any fish oil but probably with some sort of beeswax. This doesn’t reduce their longevity or impermeability and the nice, vintage patina will occur of its own. Their product range offers a Trackmaster-styled jacket along a classic denim-jacket cut as well as an over-shirt. The ladies’ model comes in a denim-jacket cut as well.

Every Wax-Cotton Jacket by the Rokker Company is made out of high-grade British Millerain wax cotton and comes with a classic tartan liner. They offer pockets for elbow-, shoulder-and a back protector and prices range from 349€ to 549€.

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