Wasserstoff Ride Out Bag

Summer’s here, your next road trip is looming right behind the corner! And just like every summer, you ask yourself how to mount your luggage to the bike. Since you learned over the past years that a plastic bag from Sainsbury’s stashed in your Eastpak does not suffice to keep your undies dry, it’s time for something more appropriate. Because wet boxers suck!

But scrolling through the offer of motorcycle accessories soon reveals; while the angle grinder might be the chopper builder’s best friend, this doesn’t apply to the tour riders. All the nice, waterproof luggage sets are fixed on brackets and supports you happily chopped off years ago. Shit happens, right? But you got one last ace up your sleeve: the Sissybar!

That’s exactly where you can mount the Ride Out Bag from German company Wasserstoff. Made on the premises of sail maker Egner in tranquil Black Forest, Wasserstoff bags are mostly manufactured from deadstock materials such as canvas from the Italian army or maybe truck tarpaulin. Add some sailcloth, stainless steel rings and spring hooks along with some YKK zippers to the mix and you’ll end up with a product that will probably outlive you and your bike. And what’s more: the high quality leather makes it even age better than you. All of these materials are held together by strong industry-grade yarn.

The Ride Out Bag is manufactured from coated natural canvas (the Italian army stuff) and offers 60-70 liters of stowage space while measuring 33 x 33 x 75 cm. It comes with a water proof roll top sealed with a Velcro strap. Two leather straps allow you to attach all of your belongings you can’t or don’t want to stow inside. A front pocket as well as an inner pocket guarantees easy access to important things such as documents, safety vest or, let’s face it, the hip flask. An opening, hiding behind that front pocket, allows you to slip the bag over your Sissybar. Small channels on the inside allow slipping fiber rods into the outer shell in order to keep it rigid when mounted horizontally. So no more hidden turn signals. A double PVC base plate guarantees durability. The bag comes with a 399€ price tag and you can order yours on the website www.Wasserstoffstuff.com

Bobby has managed to stash the whole avalanche into his Ride Out Bag but the rescue of his friend Jimmy turns out to be no less difficult.

Further, Wasserstoff offers a backpack coming with more or less the same technical features as the Ride Out Bag but equipped with a Deuter carry system. They also offer tool rolls, universal bags or shopping bags, all made out of the same Italian army canvas. Since Wasserstoff bags are handmade, don’t expect high production volumes. But that should make each product unique and hopefully durable. And if your quest for individuality has no limits, feel free to contact the guys from Wasserstoff in order to get your very own, unique bag.

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