Velomacchi Rolltop Backpack

A backpack is considered by most motorcyclists to be the best way to carry small goods. It’s cheap, it doesn’t ruin the look of your bike and it can be used off the bike. But if you plan to use it daily or if you ride in a more ambitious manner, you should think about using something a bit more high-tech than your pre-school gym bag or a messenger bag. These might look cool and work pretty fine in the city or at low speeds and modest angles, but as soon as you start squeezing your throttle, they can lead to an involuntary stunt.

That’s exactly where the Velomacchi Roll-Top Backpack comes into play. Made of waterproof, abrasion resistant 1000D Competition fabric, it brings your load closer to your center of gravity and distributes the weight off of your shoulders, meaning you’re free to give your bike the beans. Its 3-point rotating harness system is equipped with a magnetic sternum coupler for hands-free harness closure. Plus, this thing makes you look like the Iron Man’s younger sibling.

The Velomacchi has a capacity of 23 liters in the main compartment as well as an additional 5 liters in the front pockets. The main compartment is equipped with a water-tight magnetic roll top closure. If you can’t decide whether you should ride your bike or hike some trails, you can equip the backpack with a liquid bladder. A small quick-access pocket on the harness allows you to stash your key or any cards. The torso size adjustment system, in combination with the gripping side stabilizing pads, guarantee a perfect and tight fit.

The harness is equipped with a camera mounting plate in case you plan on recording your performances. Several anchor points allow you to tie the bag to your bike in a jiff. The Velomacchi Roll-Top Backpack’s dimensions are W12.5" x H19.5" x D8" and it comes with a 339USD price tag.

More interesting products as well as an online-shop can be found on Velomacchi’s WEBSITE. Further information can be found on their FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages.

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