Veldt Helmets

We all know the Isle of Man and the Tourist Trophy. John McGuiness, Mad Sunday, 180 mph in the village center and dreadful crashes. Every year, thousands of people go on a pilgrimage to live the action in the front row while hundreds of thousands watch it on their screens at home. But far less of us know that motorcycle helmets are manufactured in the City of Douglas on the legendary Isle.

Veldt Helmets manufactures a lightweight, modular carbon fiber helmet that can be modified from a classic open face to a full face helmet. Different accessories such as a chin guard, visors as well as shields can be bolted on. So in fact, with one Veldt Helmet you actually own 4 different types of helmets. This should suit most of your moods.

The small, close-fitting helmets are either ECE or DOT approved and made from Japanese carbon fiber. Leather linings are made from Portuguese leather, the paint is made with Akzonobel colors and shields are provided by Pinlock.

You can create your own, unique helmet in terms of color, design as well as accessories with a handy online configurator.

Veldt also offers limited edition designs inspired by French comic books Michel Vaillant and Julie Wood. Unique, individual designs can be worked out together with Veldts own designers.

The helmets come with a five-year guarantee, prices start at 390€ for the Open Face, 450€ for the Open Face with Visor, 510€ for the Full Face without any Shield as well as 590€ for the Full Face with Shield.

Get yours on Veldt Helmets WEBSITE.

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