Type 4A by Autofabrica

The most common path of every motorcycle-newbie is to buy a beater. You hand over some bills in exchange for a second-hand bike that has certainly seen good-times, but that’s long ago and since then it had only been tortured. But who cares about a slightly twisted frame when you can bolt clip-ons and a racing seat on it, right? Maybe you and your machine pull some horizontal stunts for yourselves but secretly, you’re convinced that there’s a new Freddie Spencer or Valentino Rossi hiding deep inside of you. It just needs to be discovered.


Some just make it to the second bend, others are offered spare indicators in packets of ten by their local bike dealer. But eventually, after having crashed the poor mule in every possible way, you’ll learn to go for a ride without any significant incident and to keep the bike in a vertical position over the whole distance. That’s the right moment to get a proper bike.

Now, we all know that there are people out there who tend to approach things differently. Either they are very confident in their abilities or they simply don’t care if they crash a bike like the one on the pictures. In any case, Autofabrica from British Southend-on-Sea built this little Yamaha SR 250 for a customer from Czech Republic who wanted a beautiful and elegant machine as a beginner bike. Mission accomplished, I’d say. Let’s hope the bike survives unscathed.


Since Autofabrica’s builds (Caution! Personal opinion!) are some of the cleanest and most elegant in the scene and I don’t want to be accused of impartiality, I’ll leave it to Bujar Muharremi from Autofabrica himself to tell us the story of the Type 4A:

Requests come in daily regarding the SR250 based Type 3 and Type 4 series we have built. We consider them great donors, extremely light and a lot of fun to ride around. They always put the biggest smile on our faces when we ride them as they capture what essentially riding is about, especially with the ability to take it off-piste.

Type 4A is the second Type 4 we built, our client from Prague wanted something beautiful and elegant as his first motorcycle. Using the SR250 as a base is a good start so we put it on a diet and squeezed a few more ponies out of the engine. Just enough for a little thrill and yet keeping it within beginner levels of fun.


We stripped the motor back and increased the compression slightly, gas flown the head and gave the whole engine a refresh. This helped a lot to release what otherwise is a slightly dull motor.

 The exhaust is made out of 316 polished stainless steel, hand bent in-house with a custom stainless baffle internally placed within the pipe.

 The tank is made in-house as well, out of 2.5mm aluminum with a custom pop up filler cap. We incorporated knee dents in order to ease up the riding position as well as break up the tanks visual mas. Filip wanted to create a motorcycle that is simple on the eye and this meant we chose a relatively safe but trendy color scheme and trim; the tank is painted in an off white, greyish color with a reverse horse hide trim on the seat.


 Renthal bars are installed to a modified stock top yoke while all the aluminum pieces on the bike have been aqua blasted and reworked to give them the same finish throughout.

 Wheels are both 18", laced with stainless spokes to a stock rear hub and a CB350 front TLS hub. 4.00 Mitas 18" Trial tires were installed.

 A custom rear fender was made that houses the LED rear light and gives the rider some protection. Custom front and rear housed LED indicators were also manufactured to keep the bike visually less cluttered.

 A Motogadget Tiny speedo finishes off the instrument side of things with a full custom re-wire.

 The Type 4A is a simple, elegant and timeless machine that could hold its own in a show or down a dirt track. It’s a winning formula we keep on building and improving.

 I suggest you take a tour to Autofabrica’s website to have a look at their previously built motorcycles. After that, you might share my opinion or even find something you want to roll into your own garage.

Here are links to their WEBSITE or FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages.

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