Sankakel Motorcycle Leathercraft

I recently wrote about my high regard to certain things coming from Japan. I’m impressed by the commitment as well as the attention to detail that a lot of Japanese craftsmen put into their work (read a good example HERE). But this passion can not only be found in bikes emerging from Japanese workshops but in some other areas as well. The French brand Sankakel Motorcycle Leathercraft can be considered a textbook example of that Japanese dedication.

Shinya Hirota was born in Japan and worked in Tokyo as a stylist before moving to Paris in order to work for leading fashion houses. As a pattern maker, Shinya is responsible for the technical aspect of fashion such as shapes and choice of materials. And since Shinya loves to ride bikes, he uses his skills to design and manufacture motorcycle accessories aimed at riders of classic and custom bikes.

True to the aforementioned commitment, Shinya manufactures ever single Sankakel product by hand and in-house, in order to guarantee upscale materials as well as high quality standards. That’s why production times are longer and stocks quite limited. But on the other hand, this makes every Sankakel product a unique piece of craftsmanship.

Sankakel Motorcycle Leathercrafts’ assortment consists of key chains, wallet chains as well as bracelets designed to look like a motorcycle chain. They are handcrafted from leather and metal and can be ordered in different colours, lengths and shapes. Prices for the key chain start at 35 € while the bracelet and wallet chains start at 80 €.

Equally interesting are the face masks crafted by Sankakel and meant to be worn in addition to an open face helmet. Shinya offers two different types of masks, one covering the rider’s nose and mouth while the second one covers the neck section as well. This might come quite handy if outside temperatures are low.

Both types of masks are equipped with an adjustable nose bridge made from stainless steel in order to fit every possible face shape. Air vents are incorporated so no need to worry about fresh air or breath. The smaller of both masks is equipped with adjustable elastic straps and can be folded to fit into every pocket. The larger model is equipped with the same elastic straps while the cloth that covers the neck section can be adjusted with a Velcro fastener.

Both types of masks can be ordered in different colours and materials, ranging from leather to denim or tweed. Prices for the masks start at 120€.

Shinya is currently working on a helmet bag (designed for up to two helmets) as well as a tank bag. Both are made out of heavy denim and leather and will be ready to order soon.

Get more information or shop products on Sankakel’s WEBSITE. Worldwide delivery is available. More information can be found there or on Sankakel’s FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages.

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