The Rokker Company Leather Jackets

Every sane motorcycle rider tries to protect skin and bones as good as possible. The T-shirt and sandal wearing lads on super sport bikes you remember from your last Italy trip might look cool and they definitely don’t sweat like we do in front of traffic lights but after a 30 meter slide on the road, these blokes don’t look as cool as they did a few minutes earlier anymore. Next time you pimp your spaghetti with parmesan cheese, simply imagine your arms or legs instead of the cheese being rubbed over the grater.


Nowadays, protective gear comes in many different shapes, colors and materials but to many of us a nice leather jacket is the only real deal. The dirtier and greasier it looks, the better it is. Or can you imagine Marlon Brando impressing the youth of the fifties while wearing a reflecting, breathable hi-tech skin? Me neither.


Swiss brand Rokker Company can be labeled as one of the pioneers in the market of motorcycle gear that actually looks good. Years ago they gave, with their Rokker Jeans, the necessary impulse that led a growing number of brands to develop gear that protects AND looks good.

Besides these jeans and many other products, the Rokker Company logically has leather jackets in its range and it’s these 3 jackets this article is about:


The Street, Café Racer and MC named leather jackets are all made out of 100% vegetal tanned cowhide of 1.1 to 1.2mm thickness and come with a band collar. The body lining is composed of 97% cotton and 3% Lycra while the sleeve lining is made out of 100% viscose.

Two front pockets as well as two inside pockets allow you to take along your indispensable stuff and the removable D3O protectors (included) protect you in case you decide to dismount your bike in an alternative manner. The sleeves can be adjusted with a zipper and a snap button.


The jackets are developed and designed in collaboration with Thedi Leather and made in Europe. Buy local, that’s what they say, don’t they?

Another very interesting feature are the hand-painted lettering on the MC model making this a very exclusive piece of kit.


Unfortunately, exclusive things often come at an exclusive price and with an 1199€ tag these 3 jackets make no exception to this. But if you keep in mind that a leather jacket only looks good after years when it is well-worn in you can divide the price by the years. So if you curb your appetite for yummy stuff you can easily wear a leather jacket like this over ten years or more. Now divide the price for these jackets by ten or twelve and it suddenly becomes a…bargain!

You can order the jackets here, on The Rocker Company’s website.