Redonda Motors' XT Urban Scrambler

Here’s a situation most of us have probably experienced at some point in our lives: you’re in a restaurant and you can’t decide what to eat. You’re wavering between the steak and the fish. Should you order pasta or pizza? Eventually you make a reluctant choice, just to regret it right after the first bite. That’s why chefs invented the surf and turf or the pizza topped with pasta. Whether or not that is the solution remains, like many other things in life, a matter of taste.

Last week, an article was published on addressing this same problem relating to motorcycles. Then, we featured a DIY-Kit to transform you sole motorbike with relatively little effort into a different kind of bike (read the article HERE). Portuguese workshop Redonda Motors approached the matter in a completely different way; they chose to combine different styles to one bike in some kind of a mix ‘n match manner. So I guess this makes their Yamaha XT Urban Scrambler some kind of two-wheeled surf ‘n turf platter.

João Barranca is the name behind Redonda Motors, a company based in Coimbra with further branches such as Redonda Racing, specializing in bikes for road and off-road racing as well as Eco Redonda, working on electric-bike projects.

Their Urban Scrambler borrows ideas from Café Racers, Bratstylers as well as Scramblers. Based on a 1998 Yamaha XT 600E, João wanted to create a comfy bike aimed at an urban commute. That’s why the first thing he did was lower the XT for 20cm. The original rims where swapped against larger ones, allowing equipping the bike with a 110 tire in the front and a 160 tire in the back. The gas tank is nicked from a 70’s Honda CB.

A central rear sub frame is fabricated in order to hold the Bratstyle-typical flat seat as well as the electrical gizmos hidden under that same seat. The rear fender is replaced by a self-made license plate holder and the rear lights are replaced by LED-units. The big headlight comes from a 1970 Suzuki GT. The stock instruments are replaced with a Koso unit. A self-made exhaust system as well as a Ram-Air air filter is the only modifications in the engine department. Finally, as a nod to its origins, the Honda gas tank is painted in the classic Honda CB color scheme with Yamaha lettering.

Redonda Motor’s Yamaha XT Urban Scrambler is a bike that will generate divided opinions. But at the same time it’s proof that a combination of different styles is feasible. In the end, it will be the unconventional, polarizing bikes that lead to the best discussions and will be remembered.

More information can be found on Redonda Motors’ WEBSITE as well as their FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages.

Pictures by: Joaquim Barranca & Helder Silva.

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