Pinlock Motorcycle Earplugs

If you’re reading, chances are high you’re riding classic or custom motorcycles and are fond of open face helmets and see-through silencers. But every now and then, on a long ride, these helmets or mufflers can make your ears ring like a bell. Especially the high-frequency wind noises get on your nerves and can even be harmful. But you sure as hell won’t wear any of these high-tech helmets or put quiet-baffles into your exhaust. So earplugs might be the solution. But, hearing sirens, horns, approaching vehicles or voices can be crucial if you ride a bike so avoid these foamed plugs that close your ear canal and leave you completely deaf.

Pinlock, well-known manufacturer of anti-fog visors and other rider-accessories, came up with a special kind of earplugs meant to eliminate wind-noises while horns, sirens and vehicles can still be perceived.

They provided us with a pair in order to write a review about it and below you can read how they performed over the last weeks:


The earplugs come in a little foam box leaving some space for a key or a credit card. The set contains two different-sized pairs of plugs and two filters, so depending on the size of your ear you might have to fumble the red filters out of the plugs and put them into the other plugs. The medical grade silicone-free earplugs are designed to let the air flow through the ears and guarantee stability. With a little practice you’ll be able to put them on in a jiffy while the little flap ensures you get them out of your ear quickly. You can feel them slightly when you got your helmet on but they are in no way annoying, not even after hours. You can use them as often as you like, just take out the filter and rinse them under water.

The promised reduction of wind noises is actually kept. The Pinlock earplugs virtually eliminate them underneath open-face helmets or that cool looking retro helmet that makes more noise than if you’d wear the cardboard box it was shipped in. All the other sounds like voices, sirens or horns are reduced significantly but still perceivable. No problem having a conversation if the other person raises its voice just a bit. But caution; unless it’s any Italian exotic sports car, approaching vehicles are reduced significantly as well. You may want to rely a bit more on your eyes and rearview mirrors while wearing earplugs.


You certainly won’t need these earplugs if you’re going for a quick spin around the block or the ride to your favorite bar. Most of us like to hear their engine and the earplugs reduce that sound too. But if your quick spin turns into a day-long ride or if you have a long motorway ride ahead of you, the Pinlock earplugs can quickly become your best friends.

Coming at a price of 24,99 €, the Pinlock earplugs might be a worthwhile invest. Your eardrums will be grateful. They’re available at well-assorted resellers.

Get more information HERE, on Pinlock’s own website.