Merlin Bike Gear

Stretch Denim! The eighties, Boy George, flashy clothes and silly haircuts inevitably pop up in our minds. But since slim and skinny jeans became en vogue over the last years, most of us learned to appreciate the benefits of this elastic material. Try to get onto one the latest tower-high Adventure Bikes wearing standard slim jeans and you’ll know what I mean.

Now, British company Merlin Bike Gear came up with the first ever Stretch Denim Kevlar®-lined Denim Jeans and finally we’re all gonna be able to get on any bike on the market without looking like a drunken stork.

The Route One Blake Stretch Denim, available in Black and Blue, is lined with 100% Dupont™Kevlar® fibre on impact areas. Adjustable CE-Knee armour comes as standard while pockets on the hips can be equipped with further armour. The Blake Denim comes with an YKK®Fly Zip in the front as well as a short jean-to-jacket-connecting zip in the back.

And that’s exactly where you can connect Merlin Bike Gear Jackets! (smooth transition, innit?) Today, I’d like to take a closer look at the Hamstall Outlast and Roman Wax models.

Both jackets are available in black as well as olive and both are made out of original Scottish Halley Stevensons waxed cotton. While the Hamstall is designed like a traditional motorcycle jacket, the Rowan is designed in the style of a belted heritage jacket. Both jackets are equipped with CE-approved armour on shoulders and elbows while a foam pad is pre-fitted in the back armour pocket. This one can be replaced with CE-approved back protector if desired.

Besides some variations in terms of technical features, the major difference lies in the thermal lining. The Rowan is equipped with a removable lining as well as a waterproof and breathable Reissa membrane while the Hamstall comes with a removable Outlast®Universe lining. This technology guarantees a regulation of temperature and keeps you warm in cold conditions and cool in the heat. Some kind of one-for-all solution then.

The Outlast® technology is used by the NASA as well, so if you plan your next adventurous bike trip to end in higher spheres, you know what to wear. Both jackets come with a 329€ price tag and are available in sizes ranging from S to 3XL.

The Blake Stretch Denim is available in sizes from 30-38 for 115€

The Merlin Bike Gear range covers everything in terms of bike gear you might need, so I recommend you take a little detour on their website.

Here are links to the WEBSITE as well as their FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages.