Lumberjack Raw Denim Jacket by John Doe

Riding your bike without the appropriate safety equipment might look stylish but can turn you into a bloody mess in a twinkle of an eye. The steady growth of a market for stylish motorcycle apparel should allow everybody to find protective gear that suits his needs and taste but admittedly, when temperatures are skyrocketing, a heavy leather jacket can quickly make you feel like a roasted chicken.


But luckily, there are alternatives such as German manufacturer John Doe’s Kevlar Hoodies and Jackets. Equipped with a Dupont™ Kevlar® inner lining and pockets for additional SAS-Tec protectors on elbows, shoulders and the back, this safety gear should give you sufficient protection as long as you’re not honing your skills on a race track.

Recently, John Doe added the Lumberjack RawDenim Jacket to their product range. This jacket combines the classic look of a vintage worker denim jacket with up-to-date safety technology.


The inner lining is made of 100% Dupont™ Kevlar® while the outer shell is made of a cotton-twill / raw denim mix. An inner Mesh lining guarantees pleasant wearing comfort while the mentioned SAS-Tec protectors might come in handy in the worst case.

Two inner pockets on the left as well as the right side combined with two chest pockets allow you to take along whatever you might need. The refined JDC® ventilation system ensures a pleasant airing on hot days.

But if wearing this denim jacket with denim trousers makes you think of a Canadian tuxedo, you might be pleased to hear that John Doe also added a black Kevlar® Jeans to their range. The so-called Ironhead Mechanix Slim Black Jeans fits comfortably and avoids the annoying fluttering at higher speeds due to its slim cut.


Just like the Lumberjack jacket, the Ironhead Mechanix jeans is equipped with a 100% Dupont™ Kevlar® inner lining while the trousers are made out of vintage raw denim. John Doe’s own Water Repellent Textile Technology® provides adequate protection if heaven opens the floodgates. The same Mesh-Lining as in the jacket guarantees comfort and ventilation.


And all of those who ride old bikes know the benefits of black trousers; one can’t see the oil and grease stains.

The Lumberjack jacket comes at 249 € in sizes ranging from XS to 4XL while the black Mechanix Ironhead jeans comes with the same price tag.

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