Be Legacy by Hepco & Becker

The steadily growing classic-, custom- and retro bike scene is gradually discovered by the aftermarket industry and leads to a rise in new brands and manufacturers providing us with appropriate products for our beloved bikes. That’s a good thing for all of us who can remember the dark times when accessories and motorcycle apparel were functional but far from good-looking.


The same goes for motorcycle luggage. Anyone traveling by bike will sooner or later realize the need for a decent set of bags unless he relies on petrol and oil vapors covering certain other unpleasant smells.

Today, functional AND good-looking motorcycle luggage is available from many brands but when German manufacturer Hepco & Becker presents such a collection, a second look might be worthwhile. Hepco & Becker manufactures motorcycle accessories for 40 years and some of us might have marveled, as little kids, over the distinctive rhino-logo on several bikes.


Hepco & Becker’s Be Legacy collection is composed of two differently sized messenger bags, a large tail bag as well as a tool roll and a multipurpose leather bag. They are made out of durable canvas as well as 3.3mm cowhide leather. The zipper as well as the other accessories is made out of corrosion-resistant steel while the canvas is sewn through multiple layers and water-repellent due to its special coating. A water-resistant polyester inner-bag guarantees your socks to stay dry and if heaven opens the floodgates, suitable rain hoods are optionally available.


The Be Legacy messenger bags are equipped with a reinforced leather rear wall and two attached pockets on the front while the tail bag has a reinforced base plate as well as twin-zippers. An optional shoulder strap allows you to use the bags conveniently once you’re of the bike.

The bags are available in beige or khaki starting at a price from 189 €. Several universal-fitting mounts, brackets and straps should guarantee an easy fitting to every kind of bike.


Sadly, there’s no rhino on these bags but a nice leather-stamping should do the trick too.

Available HERE, on Be Legacy’s website.