Gannet Design X Wrench Kings X Vanguard Clothing Moto Guzzi

Some of you might remember that green dustbin fairing-Moto Guzzi V8 featured here about a year ago (if not, look HERE). That bike was commissioned by Vanguard Clothing and designed by Gannet Design from Switzerland. Now, said fashion label engaged that same design studio to build a new bike. The donor is, just as in 2016, another Moto Guzzi but this time, Dutch workshop Wrench Kings was selected to swing the spanners.

Ulfert Janssen from Gannet Design wanted to celebrate the V7’s 50th anniversary with a bike that bridges the gap between early V7 models and the ones on sale today. So he designed a different stance as well as a slightly forward leaning angle in order to obtain that sought after, racy look. The Wrench Kings did the trick by cutting off the rear sub frame, lowering the bike and chopping off everything that wasn’t of use. The overall Café Racer look is emphasized by the seat cowl as well as the bikini fairing.

The gas tank is stock but was modified in order to mount a Monza-style cap as well as a Vanguard type plate. Just as intended in Ulfert Janssen’s design, the Wrench Kings cut out the hand-made seat cowl and integrated the taillight. The stitching of the seat, the Denim Blue paint job as well as the blue anodized bolts are reminiscent of Vanguard’s new denim collection. A hand-made exhaust, leading to a silencer hidden underneath the seat ensures the sound matches the look.

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