Flying Podenco by XTR Pepo

I don’t know Pepo Rosell personally, but in my mind, the owner of Madrid based workshop XTR Pepo stands for record-breaking work mania. Outstanding bikes pop out of his shop on a monthly basis and every single one of them is a beauty on its own.


This Flying Podenco named 1974 Ducati 860 GT is no exception to the rule and clearly points towards Pepo Rosell’s personal preference: Endurance-Racing.

Sitting in a modified stock frame, a bevel-driven 900 Ducati Darmah engine was modified to match the performance with the looks. Reworked intake and outlet ducts, high-compression pistons, a lightened and equilibrated crankshaft, Dell’Orto 40 carbs coupled to racing air cleaners as well as a 2-in-1 exhaust system build by Supermario guarantee a nice kick in the back.


The chassis has been upgraded with Triumph Daytona forks in modified Triumph Sprint yokes as well as a set of Rolling Shocks in the back. 18 inch Akront alloy rims are coupled to OEM discs with a Beringer caliper in the front while a lightened and ventilated drum brake works in the back. The riders feet rest on XTR made aluminum race footrests.


The endurance-style cowl fairing is manufactured by Pepo himself, the fiber glass tank is nicked from a Ducati Imola and the seat cowl originates from a Yamaha TZ.

The neoprene seat, the Ergal machined clip-ons and rear chain sprocket as well as many brackets are fabricated by Pepo himself. In order to see and be seen on the road (or the track), a H4 headlight was mounted the ‘Endurance-way’ while LED strips enlighten the back.


The wine red paint job is made by Pintumoto.

So much for this month’s XTR Pepo bike. Rest assured, it won’t take too long before you’ll see the next one here.

Hey Pepo, have you ever thought about printing a calendar with your builds?

Here, you can find XTR Pepo’s WEBSITE, FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM pages.

All pictures by Cesar Godoy.

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