EXFILL-80 Bag by Biltwell

Gone are the days when your bike looked as a two-wheeled fridge as soon as you strapped any bike-luggage to it. Nowadays, there are many options that leave you a remainder of credibility and looks. Beside the more bike specific sets, there are even some universal-fitting options that actually look and perform pretty well. One has been tested here a few months back and surprised everyone with its versatility and the possibility to strap it to almost any kind of bike.

But, as you guessed, there is a catch: ALMOST any kind of bike. There’s a certain kind of bike that even the most universal-fitting luggage set isn’t able to respond to. Namely; the Chopper! Since Choppers and Bobbers are by nature very minimalistic species of bikes, most of them do not even offer basic opportunities to strap anything to it. But who says you have to change undies and socks every day, right?

Since the people from Biltwell assist Chopper riders and owners of other minimalistic machinery in their needs for a long time now, they came up with this brand new EXFILL-80 bag in order to brighten up their customer’s journeys. We all know that choppers are stripped to the bare bones, but many of them are equipped with a Sissy-Bar. And that’s exactly where the EXFILL 80 comes into play.

The three removable, elastic mounting straps allow installing the bag to any type and form of Sissy-Bar you can imagine. And since these straps even come with reflective stitching, no stupid driver’s going to knock you over next time you penny-sized tail light is out-of-order again.

The bag itself is made out of UV-treated 1680 ballistic polyester and comes with a roll-top closure with Velcro and side release buckles. It’s PVC backed for increased water resistance, but if heaven opens the floodgates, you can cover it completely with a water proof sleeve that’s is tucked away in a zippered compartment at the base of the bag.

At Biltwell, they know that classic and custom bikes sometimes need a bit of love and care at the side of the road and that’s why they added a Velcro-mounted, removable tool pouch to the mix. You know you’re going to need the 9 deep sockets and 7 combination wrenches you can stash in there. And when the bike is up and running again, you can even lean back on that pouch since it’s extra-padded on the outside solely for this purpose. 4 rows of MOLLE-webbing around the bag allow you to attach anything else you might need.

The EXFILL-80 Bag comes in black or green with a 199.95 USD price tag. This price includes a shoulder strap, so you can use the bag off the bike as well. Its dimensions are 14" wide, 12 " deep and 20" tall and it holds up to 80 12oz cans. Finally, someone came up with a comprehensible measuring unit!

So, you chopper riders out there: no more excuses for dirty undies. Remember what mama said about wearing clean underwear on your motorbike. And no more excuses for showing up at a party without some cold beer.

Get more info or find tons of other interesting products on Biltwell’s own WEBSITE or their FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages.

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