Ducati Hypermotard Kit by Vtopia Design

Custom motorcycles became quite popular over the last few years. But not everybody has the space / time / tools / know-how / desire to build one for himself. So there are a few options for the soon-to-be custom bike rider; first, you can buy a stock bike and jazz it up with aftermarket parts. The result often hurts your bank account just as much as any onlooker’s eyes.

Another option is to take your bike to your customizer of choice and let him build your two-wheeled dream. Here, the result usually doesn’t hurt anybody’s eyes but you can bet your ass it will hurt your bank account. And, you may ride a looker of a bike but deep down in your mind, you’ll go mad about the fact that you haven’t touched one single bolt by yourself.

That’s why more and more DIY-custom kits for several specific bikes appeared over the last years, some of them even featured here on 1down4up.net. Mostly, these kits are based on older and therefore cheaper base-models, in order to keep the overall budget as low as possible. But what if you own an actual, modern performance bike you just want to make stand out of the mass? Well, if that bike of yours happens to be a Ducati Hypermotard, this DIY-Kit by Vtopia Design from Italy might be just what you’ve been looking for.

After a few months of studying architecture, Giorgio Cerrato found out this wasn’t the right path for him so he dropped university and started to design this kit. The idea was to lower the overall weight, individualise the bike and involve the owner in the whole process of modifying his own bike.

The kit consists of the following parts:

  • Two different carbon fiber front masks. One for road-use with recesses for front lights as well as a plain one for track days. They come with the appropriate LED headlights as well as the appropriate CNC-machined mounting brackets.
  • A fully adjustable, CNC-machined mounting bracket for the dashboard.
  • The one-piece fiberglass body.
  • A TIG-welded aluminum gas tank.
  • A complete, CNC-machined sub-frame.
  • A real-leather seat with an appropriate seat pan.
  • A LED rear light.

The kit comes with detailed instructions as well as every needed component to transform your Ducati by yourself in 2-3 hours. According to Vtopia-Design, switching from the street legal front mask to the track day version only takes three tools and 30 minutes.

In terms of individualization, you’re free to choose the color of the fiberglass body as well as the anodization colors of the aluminum.

So if you think the look of your Hypermotard doesn’t quite match its temper, Vtopia Design might be your solution.

Here’s a link to their WEBSITE as well as their FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM page.

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