Don Luis by XTR Pepo

Please allow me to explain the following. Bike presentations on as well as most of the other Websites mostly consist of a story written to illustrate the motorcycle as well as the builder or the workshop. Maybe some behind-the-scenes stuff is added before you get to the bugging part of implementing all the tech-specs into that story. That part often turns into a quite boring read.


Basically, it’s easier for everyone involved if the background story is told right at the beginning followed by a neat list of the modifications and parts used on the bike. That way, it’s up to the reader to read everything or just pick the parts he’s interested in.


In this particular case, namely a new bike from Madrid based XTR Pepo, things are a little different. There’s not much left to say that hasn’t already been told last month , or the one before, or the one before that. Because Pepo Rosell is building bikes at the rate of an express train, each one of them better than the next one. But the story of the man remains the same.


That’s why we should marvel at the pictures of this 1992 BMW R100R named Don Luis and ask ourselves; what Pepo will come up with next month?

Here’s for the Tech-Specs, if you’re looking for ideas. You can get more information on XTR Pepo’s WEBSITE as well as his FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM pages.


The pictures are taken by CESAR GODOY

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-Modified original frame with reinforced tubes. New sub-frame.
-Ducati Sport Classic fork and yokes
-Ducati Sport Classic front wheel
-Discacciati front brake rotors
-Discacciati CNC machined front brake calipers
-Discacciati radial front brake pump.
-Frentubo Kevlar brake lines.
-XTR front carbon fiber mudguard
-XTR front fairing with twin lights.
-XTR custom-made front bracket.
-Modified Moto Guzzi fuel tank.
-Modified Yamaha TZ solo seat.
-XTR license plate support.
-Montesa rear light
-Vicma led indicators
-Tomaselli clip ons
-Suzuki GSXR 600 clutch with foldable and adjustable lever.
-Modified Derbi GPR 50 foot levers support.
-Tarrozi foot levers.
-Yamaha TRX side stand.
-Ohlins rear shock.
-LIPO battery.
-Silent Hektik electronic front crankshaft ignition with 16 mappings.
-Electronic regulator.
-Twin coils and twin spark heads.
-Motogadget dashboard.
-Leonelli light switches.
-Domino starter button.
Tuned Engine:
-Modified crankcase
-Upper positioned on frame for more ground clearance, lightened ,blueprinted, adjusted.
-Worked and optimized cylinder heads.
-Racing camshaft.
-High Compression pistons.
-Oil pan intermediate crankcase, external oil filter.
-Ducati Paso oil radiator with external hoses.
-Supermario 2 in 1 exhausts system.
-IL TROMBONE Megaphone, XTR design made by SPARK.
-Keihin FCR 40 carburetors
-DNA air filters
-Tomaselli quick open gas throttle.
-Bodywork Painting : ARTENRUTA
- Frame painting: PINTUMOTO
-Pictures: CESAR GODOY