Dickies Motorcycle Outfitters

No matter if you ride your bike to the skate park or if you quit skateboarding years ago due to infirmity and switched to bikes as your passion; chances are high you own a Dickies Work Pant. Along with a pair of Sk8Hi by Vans, Dickies Work Pants or Shorts were the standard uniform of an entire generation of skaters and BMX-riders. And to this very day, with bones too stiff and bellies too big to land a decent trick, you like to slip into a pair of work pants from time to time and feel fifteen years younger.


So rejoice, you retired and frail shredders! Labeled as Dickies Motorcycle Outfitters, the iconic brand launches a collection of protective gear for motorcyclists. Because no matter how cool your Work Pants look on the bike or how cozy they feel at high temperatures, things could get a bit nasty if you pull an involuntary stunt and slide over tarmac.

For the launch, Dickies Motorcycle Outfitters offers denim jeans, shirts, canvas jackets as well as wax jackets. All of them use Dupont™Kevlar®fiber in its linings and come with internal pockets for Forcefield body protection armor. This combination should provide adequate protection in the worst case.


Besides, another reason to rejoice is the fact that Dickies’ motorcycle gear comes at a rather fair price. Expect 54 GBP for the shirts, 139 GBP for the pants, 199 GBP for the canvas jacket and 219 GBP for the wax jacket. I’m convinced that soon, some of us might be thrown back to their teenager years when they get on their bikes. And who knows, maybe Dickies will come up with a Kevlar®-lined work-pant someday…

Get them HERE, on Dickies Motorcycle Outfitters’ website.

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